Wolverine’s Thomas Jansson and Marcus Losbjer on new album “A Darkened Sun,” mechanics of making an audio/visual release, maturation, and so much more!

Sweden’s Wolverine have just released their seventh full length, A Darkened Sun, and continue to be on the forefront of the progressive rock/metal landscape with lush melodies, heavy lyrical content, powerful performances, and music that is truly timeless. Along with that list of accomplishments they can now add an audio/visual release that is stunning, to say the least. Head directly below to hear all about it with roughly an hour of conversation.

Just on the heels of A Darkened SunThomas Jansson and Marcus Losbjer took some time to chat with me about the album and its accompanying film. They also spend some time on how this type of release came to be and the inner workings of it, maturity and ever evolving as we get older and how this translates to their catalog, how identity and societal theories play into this release, how Thoreau’s Walden played into it, making music for the right reasons, being poetic while still leaving plenty of room for interpretation, and of course pandemic effects and the unintended topical nature of this release. This is truly an amazing discussion that covers a lot of ground so jump in and enjoy!

Many thanks to Thomas and Marcus for their time!

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– Josh

A Darkened Sun is available now on the band’s official website. To keep up with all things Wolverine, visit their Facebook page, Instagram page, and YouTube page.

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