Ageless Oblivion’s David Porter on “Suspended Between Earth and Sky,” dissecting a long hiatus, progression of sound, and much more!

Ageless Oblivion
Ageless Oblivion – courtesy of Adam Pegg – Village Fete

Ageless Oblivion just broke a seven year hiatus with the outstanding Suspended Between Earth and Sky. This, their third full length, sees the band’s sound veer further towards the ominously atmospheric side of death metal than their last outing, Penthos. This is an album that is as vicious as it is dark and as dense as it is vast. Put in other words, a truly excellent album for death metal fans and beyond. Head inside for an in depth discussion via The Nine Circles Audio Thing.

Our maestro of the mic, Buke, chats with David Porter about…literally anything and everything. Things open with a discussion of Penthos and how the band has honed their sound since then. Once the gears get moving they discuss technical death metal and how Neurosis has helped to evolve their sound, David’s excitement on release day, the band’s desire for a more focused album this time out, and the current state of the UK metal scene from Davids’ point of view and a video tie in to Celestial Sanctuary. And from there the chat evolves into British history and food, chess, and a 2021 forecast for the band.  This is a great discussion, so jump in and enjoy. 

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Suspended Between Earth and Sky is available now on Apocalyptic Witchcraft. For more information on Ageless Oblivion, visit their Facebook page.

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