The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 202 (10.23.2021)

playlist - mixtape

Wait a minute…what the? Hey! Where’s Vincent? WHAT THE $#@! DID YOU DO WITH VINCENT?!?!

Settle down, folks…Vincent is fine. After years of diligently covering the playlist the man needs to rest his fingers a bit, so with his blessing I’m taking over the playlist until our Passionate Man/Metal Visionary™ is ready to return. And by “taking over the playlist” I mean simply writing this paragraph, as the usual gang of crazed inmates here at Nine Circles – including Vince – are continuing to shower you each week with the noise beating against their eardrums. This week we have some new Khemmis which should set you up real good for their forthcoming new album which is killer, blasts from Turnstile, Full of Hell, and Outrun the Sunlight as well as some classics from Blind Guardian and…Young Thug?

Yup, it’s the Nine Circles Playlist, alright…


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