Haunt’s Trevor Church on new album “Unplugged Vol. 1,” strong work ethic, skateboarding, family and upbringing, and much more!


Through his projects, Haunt and Beastmaker, and intense work ethic, Trevor Church has become a household name for heavy metal fans and enthusiasts. Particularly if Bandcamp is part of said fans’ daily visits. The discography between just these two projects is staggering and the speed in which he releases new music is astounding. With new album Unplugged Vol. 1, Trevor shows a side we haven’t heard and yet again knocks it out of the park just as he has with every other album under his belt. The man is an anomaly to be blunt, and the kind we rarely see these days. His love of all things rock and metal, no matter the timeframe, shines through in everything he does and is part of why his fanbase has grown to epic proportions. With that said, jump in for an excellent chat with via The Nine Circles Audio Thing.

Buke had the chance to chat with Trevor about Unplugged Vol. 1, how it’s easier said than done to make an unplugged album, and other landmark unplugged albums through the years. They cover how Trevor is always working and grinding the gears and how he prevents burnout, how instrumental Trevor’s dad was in making this particular album and the significance of it being Vol. 1, his family and upbringing in a household with Bill Church who was bassist in Montrose and worked with Van Morrison, to name a few, volatile relationships in rock and metal and how they changed the landscape of music as we know it, and Trevor’s label Church Recordings and a Night Demon tie in. They also cover who Trevor’s rock and metal idols were, monster trucks and Guitar Center, favorite lyricists and his one biggest musical influence. All this and so much more is covered in this epic length conversation so pull up a chair or a piece of floor and enjoy! 

Haunt - Unplugged Vol 1

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Unplugged Vol. 1 is available now on Church Recordings. For more information on Haunt, visit their Facebook page.

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