Album Review: Telekinetic Yeti — “Primordial”

Telekinetic Yeti - Primordial

I am always impressed when small bands are able to create massive sonic sounds.  Sludge/stoner metal lords Telekinetic Yeti are one of those epic bands with only two members on their roster.  Moreover, the band does not have (but does not lack) a bassist.  I have been a fan since their debut in 2017 and their sophomore release, Primordial, brings even more heat and skill than I could have ever imagined.  Ever present is the band’s signature psychedelic sound with seasoned songwriting and prime production in this new release.  This is an album to completely lose yourself in and succumb to being carried away in colossal riff waves.

Telekinetic Yeti is Alex Baumann (Guitar/Vocals) and Rockwel Heim (Drums).  The band was never meant to have a bassist and it is not something that is missing from the music.  The layers created by these musicians is conjured into immense soundscapes that are uniquely hypnotic.  Primordial’s first single, “Ancient Nug,” acts as an appropriate introduction for new fans.  It is a fun, danceable track that showcases all their skills with energetic vocals, groovy melodies, and driving drumlines.  With lyrical themes centered on evolution, sorcery, and the highs and lows of life itself, these 11 tracks tackle some dynamic topics with captivating tunes to match.

Opening and title track, “Primordial,” may be my favorite of the bunch as it brings primal, feral energy with contrasting beats and insatiable riffs.  Baumann explains, “I wanted to write something that was an appropriate intro to the album, that brought to mind an early earth setting and featured atmospheric elements as well as some droning, sparse simplicity and lyrically, simple imagery regarding the dawn of humankind and creation of the first tools.”  This vibe is cultivated beautifully and is felt throughout each note of the song.  Another favorite of mine is “Cult of Yeti” and that is only partially due to the song title.  This one concludes the album and goes absolutely hard with aggressive reverberating riffs and savage drumming.  Baumann’s yelled vocals feel extra passionate in this track and close out Primordial on a high, lively note.

Telekinetic Yeti

I first experienced Telekinetic Yeti live in Chicago who performed as an opener for True Widow.  This is one of my favorite concerts of all time.  I was immediately blown away by these two talented musicians and have been awaiting a new album ever since.  Primordial does not disappoint.  It brings all the energy and enthusiasm of a live show along with brutal riffs, killer guitar solos, and mesmerizing melodies.  This is a perfect addition to Telekinetic Yeti’s discography, and I will continue to follow their journey.  Do yourself a favor and partake in some “hobbies*” or not — this release is amazing experienced either way — and sit back and enjoy Primordial.

– Angela

Primordial will be available July 08 on Tee Pee Records.  For more information on Telekinetic Yeti, visit their Facebook Page.

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