Kardashev’s Marc Garrett and Nico Mirolla on their new album and much more!

When talking about Kardashev, the tag du jour is deathgaze which pretty much hits the nail on the head. However, it, in a small way, minimizes the death metal side to their attack. Debut Peripety was both heavy in a musical sense but also an emotional sense, but new album Liminal Rite smacks the gas pedal on the death metal side and then slowly pulls you down the emotional slope with a funereal feel that casts a dark shadow over the proceedings. A good thing, to be sure. Buke recently sat down with vocalist Marc Garrett and guitarist Nico Mirolla to pull the curtain back on the new album as well as the band itself. We now bring you this conversation in its entirety so grab your beverage of choice, a seat, and enjoy.

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Liminal Rite is available now on Metal Blade Records. For more information on Kardashev, visit their official website.

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