Receiving the Evcharist:  Fall and Resist and Miskatonic Brewing Company’s POG Long Tongue Liar

Receiving the Evcharist 2018

Hello friends!  Summer is slowly coming to a close and while I am beyond excited for spooky season and fall, I am savoring summer’s final moments.  Let us drink from the cup of heresy.  This week’s offerings:  Fall and Resist‘s Darkness of Now (EP) and Miskatonic Brewing Company’s POG Long Tongue Liar.

The Tunes:  Fall and Resist — Darkness of Now (EP)

Darkness of Now is a quick four-track listen but it packs a very powerful punch.  Full of melodic death metal goodness, each song brings powerful drumming, growled vocals, and catchy riffs.  Hints of thrash and post-metal are also interwoven into the tunes and create an addicting energy.  Fall and Resist formed in 2015 after technical death metal band Into Ruin split and front man Liam “Frosty” Frost-Camiller decided to go in a slightly different direction, ditching the tech metal and diving into his melo-death roots.  Fall and Resist have released an EP and a full album in addition to Darkness of Now.  Though they are fairly new to the scene with a growing discography, these musicians are no strangers to the trade and their music reflects that.  Each song is thoughtfully crafted and expertly performed.  As an independent release, the production is particularly impressive.  Every contribution to the EP is clear, crisp, and sounds amazing no matter what device you are listening through.  My favorite track is “Transient Forgiveness” which stayed with me after each listen—specifically the repeating lines of “breathe, just breathe.”  I will now have Frosty’s voice screaming in my head every time my anxiety starts to rise and let me tell you, this is very effective.  This “breathe, just breathe” musical passage is way better than Anna Nalick’s (sorry) and just as catchy.  This is my first experience with Fall and Resist and I am definitely sold.  I am left craving more and I am excited to see what the band creates next. 

The Booze:   Miskatonic Brewing Company — POG Long Tongue Liar

I just happened to stumble upon this beer at my local liquor store and I am beyond happy that I did! How amazing is the name and design of this beer and brewery?  The taste is also incredible, which I’ll get to, but first I have to gush about this brewery.  I did not know that this place existed and I now see that it is not far from me in Darien, Illinois, so I see a trip there very soon.  This brewery is named after H.P. Lovecraft’s Miskatonic University which makes an appearance in several of his tales—specifically in numerous Cthulhu Mythos stories.  The logo for this brewery is perfect and all of these fun things alone make me want to drive there right now.  On top of that, this kettle sour is unique and delicious.  It is brewed with passion fruit, guava, and cara cara orange.  There are subtle notes of white grape and lemongrass from the dry hop.  POG is very easy to drink and the right amount of sour.  The citrus flavors are not too bold or overpowering, but the notes are easy to spot.  There is a yeast tart nose as you start to dive in and a refreshing citrus finish at the end of each sip. POG is very unique and perfect to enjoy on these last days of summer.  I am currently enjoying this beverage on the patio, listening to the cicadas chirp as the sun sets.

Cheers and blessed be,

– Angela

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