Album Review: Christ – “Tower”

c h r i s t t o w e r christ tower

Montreal-based ambient noise artists Christ waited until summer to release their bleak, frozen-tundra-inspired new EP, Tower. Its four songs make up nearly forty-five minutes of ambient, sometimes symphonic, dreariness. While I’d love to see more consistency from the band in the future, this is, in general, a promising effort with the knife-like precision to cut you to the core.

Christ is not breaking any ground on Tower. It’s an expansive, drawling album full of country elements, rich guitars and dreary sadness that drips out of the speakers. But there is beauty in decay and Christ have managed to harness that beauty here. There’s a certain soundtrack-like quality at play here. They seem the type of band whose live shows would be best absorbed cross-legged on the floor for the duration.

The tracks float by, with the first being the most beautiful and the second easily the eeriest. It’s a pretty standard flow for any band creating such ambient, emotion provoking music. As the third track opens, the synthesizer usage and sampling become more present, evoking an haunting, cabin-in-the-woods type scene. The final track, “Ornement,” lifts the mood slightly after the brooding walk through “Planer.”

If you’re into Godspeed You! Black Emperor, darker Mogwai, This Will Destroy You, Lanterna and even Acid Mothers Temple, this will be right up your alley. With a sound this big, Christ is sure to provide a killer live performance despite the droning monotony of their tracks. Next time you’re feeling empty inside, throw on this record and feel the emotional surge created on Tower, particularly its bookend tracks.


Tower is available on L’Oeil Du Tigre Records (vinyl) and BLWBCK (cassette). For more information on Christ, visit the band’s Facebook page.

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