Wake Up and Smell the Satan! – July 17, 2015

wake up and smell satan

Good morning, fellow evil dwellers of Earth. Before we get into the metals, I have to say…this was a pretty exciting week to be alive. We were lucky enough to see the realization of New Horizons, a more-than-nine-year space mission to Pluto. That’s kind of incredible when you stop to think about it. And what’d we learn? 

Well, for starters, the planet has a young surface with a staggering configuration of ice mountains. Also, without some pretty significant advances in space exploration technology, people living today may never see images of the next planet we find out there. So there’s that! But enough about space, right? Plenty of people are dying on Earth due to wars, extreme religions, natural disasters, easily preventable or curable diseases and an easily fixable food shortage. So why even worry about what’s up there when we can’t even fix what’s going on down here?

Sufficiently depressed? Good! Here’s some Satanic blackened death metal to exacerbate your feelings of inner turmoil. Because what is a Friday if we don’t pay homage to Asmodeus before beginning our work day? So to that end, here’s a little Belphegor. Hard to believe these guys have been around almost 25 years, right? Here’s their 1995 debut LP, The Last Supper.

Hail Satan,

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