Visions ov Hell: Children of Bodom – “Morrigan”

children of bodom i worship chaos

Since I’m reading Christopher Moore’s Secondhand Souls (the followup to his acclaimed 2006 novel A Dirty Job) the subject of The Morrigan has been fresh in my mind. Thus, when I saw Children of Bodom had released a video for “Morrigan” off their upcoming release I worship Chaos I leapt at the opportunity to connect the dots and relate these two experiences.

Since it’s Children of Bodom I will spare you a recount of their sound and a description of how it’s change (because it barely has). Rather, we can speak about The Morrigan. A symbol of Irish folklore often associated with war and strife. Much like the Valkyrie, The Morrigan uses screams to urge soldiers into battle and then, conveniently, scoops up and feeds on their souls as they perish on the battlefield. Most commonly,  The Morrigan is known as a trio of sisters, Badb, Macha and Nemain, that act in concert with each other poisoning their victims and feeding on souls of the dead.

So with that light-hearted thinking in our minds, let’s check out the video:

– Manny-O-War

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