Drinking With Satan: C.Y.S.T. – “Demo” and Its Ministers On Earth – “118”

drinking with satan

Holy. Hell. Alright, so it’s finally October. This is great news. I love October. The cold air, the beer, the anticipation of Halloween. It’s all pretty freaking sweet. Keeping all that in mind, I wanted to do something a bit different for this month’s round of Drinking With Satan. Normally, I snag some new black metal release, get all liquored up, talk about it (sometimes), and get a little, or all the way, weird. But that’s not going to happen this time. Relax, relax, I’m still drinking in mass quantities. To that point, tonight’s specials are Harpoon’s mediocre Take 5 Session IPA (x5) and Southern Comfort. Why Southern Comfort? Because I miss my stupid SoCo insanity from my youth. And much like Troy Aikman, I dwell on the past. Deal with it.

So here’s what’s happening. For those that remember, which is none of you and barely even me, a few months back I attended NecronomiCon down in Providence, RI. Now let me tell you, if you’ve never been to Providence and you’re thinking about it… stop it. If you haven’t been to Providence and you aren’t thinking about going to Providence, carry on. If I offended anyone, I’m sorry… that you live in/appreciate Providence. The city… not great, Bob. But the convention itself was kinda sweet. And I wore a Behemoth shirt which brought me a lot of attention and is the basis of this month’s post. You see, H.P. Lovecraft was kind of a terrible human. He was a racist and a bunch of other things (in fairness, it was a time where everyone else was, too), but basically he had a pretty fucked brain. And that shit inspired a lot of the metal we listen to these days. In fact, in walking around I managed to score about a half dozen demo tapes of bands nobody has ever heard of or ever will (except for this thing I’m doing!). Oh, I also scored sweet art from this guy. Go buy some. It’s hanging on my wall and it’s awesome.

So, in getting back to those tapes I mentioned, I’m going to talk about two of them today. I’m doing two because one is short and I’m not done drinking and/or reading myself type (it’s like listening to yourself talk but way more time consuming). Anyway, I digress. The first tape I’m listening to is something called C.Y.S.T… I don’t know. The second one is called Its Ministers On Earth, which I like more because, ya know, words. Anyway, let’s begin…


Ok, so here’s this thing from this thing called C.Y.S.T. which sounds gross. It’s a two-track demo that I snagged for nothing and you guys can check it all out here.

Track 1/Side 1 is called “Alazif IA IA IA IA” and that is not drunk type. Ok it kinda is. But that is, in fact, the song name. Song. I mean. That is the noise name. My understanding is that this is supposed to be some kind of urban ambiance or something. Unfortunately, the unrelenting nails on a chalkboard screech overwhelms this kind of weird throaty flange thing going on at the same time. It’s. I’ll pass. Shots of SoCo! Too bad. I kinda like that artwork. Simple and weird. Like most of us. But God I miss tapes… they’re a reminder of how much better things are now. Perspective is important.

Track 2/Side 2 is called “The pillars of ur” which immediately reminds me of those people I hate that are too lazy to type ‘your’. This is a vast improvement with its recognizable vocals and leads(?). Either way it’s creepy as shit. But, all those times I said I was a fan of raw production… nottt what I had in mind. Aside from the shrieks, everything else is indistinguishable (thanks, spellcheck). But I do kinda dig it in this state. Really dark, pushing insanity, sounds like a song… all good things! The creepiness exists and it’s another weird cassette I own. Win!

I guess only 35 of these tapes exist. So I mean, I’ve got your obscure RIGHT FUCKING HERE. Anyway, check it out if you’re messed up and want to hear some weird ambient black metal noise. But I’m moving on.


This is one I picked up on the street. Literally. Some dude was like, “you like black metal, here.” I always take things from strangers, so naturally I was thrilled. Anyway, you can learn about Its Ministers On Earth here. For lack any confirmation, I believe this album is called 118.

Side 1 contains “The Daemon-Damned Season of Dzannin”, “Red Fell The Vapours Of Yabon”, and “Vortex On Vortex Of Madness”. I gotta say, this actually sounds kinda badass. Varied vocal styles from deep screams to haunting melodic bellows make for a cool element. The percussion is audible, the leads crunchy and serve as the driving force. This… is kinda cool. I’m drinking beer out of a chalice that has a pentagram etched into it and I am very pleased with myself. But for real, these songs are cohesive, well-constructed, vary in weight. A few of the songs have spoken vocal attributes that are simply terrifying. Very much blackened death metal with differing tempos. It’s a shame it’s still like… a shitty tape.

Side 2 contains “Yet Foul From Their Eyes Shines Their Evil”, “And Deep In The Worm-Peopled Darkness”, and “Will Rot The Base Chains That Have Bound Me”. I’m starting to understand how I acquire this thing. Early-year Behemoth elements really shine through on some of these tracks. Between the howls, the deliberation of the guitars, and the way the rhythms keep everything in check. It makes sense. Shit. I’m losing my sarcasm. Obviously you can only do so much with this production value, but there is some cool stuff going on with these leads… they implement some really bizarre progressions. As a former mediocre guitarist, I can pretend to know what I’m talking about. But I would like to mention that this isn’t filled with unnecessary complexities and time changes, it’s more carefully constructed around an overall theme and style, which I’m ok with. A.k.a it’s not pretentious.

This one I would actually recommend in the right setting. I enjoyed what Its Ministers On Earth is doing (and their song titles) and I would genuinely be interested in hearing this in another format. Not sure how many of these tapes are out there. Probably one (mine), but do some hunting. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! Sometimes!

Alright, I think that’s enough for me tonight. I really need to lie down. But for serious check these out, they’re an experience if nothing else.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– Corey

3 thoughts on “Drinking With Satan: C.Y.S.T. – “Demo” and Its Ministers On Earth – “118”

  1. Manny-O-War October 17, 2015 / 10:20 am

    Pretty sure Lovecraft was a pre-Nazi. Hitler loved his writings.

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