Visions ov Hell: At The Gates – “The Night Eternal”


I mentioned earlier this week that At The Gates released a new music video for “The Night Eternal”, which is the closing track on last year’s At War With Reality. Since their return to the spotlight over the last couple of years, At The Gates have kept themselves busy with tours, music videos, and all kinds of fun stuff. Basically, they’re trying to stay as relevant as possible for as long as possible. But for now, I feel like talking about this video in a little bit more detail, so yes, you’re going to deal with it being brought up a second time in as many weeks.

Comeback albums can be… complicated. It isn’t often that a band can take almost two full decades off between albums and return with immediate success. Sure, Carcass’s Surgical Steel from the year before was brilliant, but I consider that an exception. On the other side, At War With Reality was rather underwhelming. It had its highlights, but overall it just didn’t bring it like classic At The Gates had. One of the better tracks, however, was “The Night Eternal”, ensuring that the comeback album at least closed on a higher note. It isn’t the heaviest moment on the album, but it is well put together and offers a number of tasteful riffs within its more melodic and even pacing. Lucky us, At The Gates was kind enough to create a music video that matches the sonical aspect of the track nicely.

For this video, the Gothenburg death metallers teamed up with Costin Chioreanu to construct this animated piece. In this video, as an audience, we float in suspension within a dark ruin of a landscape, moving deliberately from one scene to another. This conceptual environment is completely void of color and any real light, which is appropriate for obvious reasons. Shapes and objects seem shift around in random calculated movements until human-shaped objects start to take form. From the praying hands to the floating head to the figure gazing at all this from behind a mirror, it’s obvious there is a lot of symbolism at work here. It doesn’t make a ton of sense at first glance, but it is a creative visual take on the closing track to At War With Reality. Check it out for yourself below.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– Corey

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