Album Review: Kvltist – “Catechesis”

Art by Ceethava

News flash: German black metal horde Kvltist isn’t going to change the way you see the world. It might not even drive you to murder anyone (even those you already dislike). It will, however, provide you with a 100% enjoyable listen centering on themes of the occult, satanic worship and general devotion to the dark arts. The duo (comprised of MZI and Amon) are supported throughout by a number of guest vocalists adding to the chaotic delivery typical of such dark black metal. In short, Catechesis is a perfect example of why black metal is still alive and well.

Honestly, it gets tiring. Week after week after week pumping out reviews (sometimes up to three per week) that mainly center around the darker underbelly of metal. I hear dozens of albums a month that sound evil, swirling and satanic. To separate which ones I want to write about and which I want to ignore is, well, challenging. Bands like Kvltist make it easy. Although, on the surface, the average listener might say they sound like all other metal bands, they don’t. They are engaging and exciting with a perfect balance of melody, tension, release and chaos (feels like I’m describing a fine wine here).

Despite being formed in 2013, this is Kvltist’s first release to date. Recorded almost entirely by MZI over a two year period. The album itself wasn’t finished until roughly September 2015. So, that’s actually a pretty rapid turnaround from production to signing to release. And thus, Catechesis is upon us. A work of black metal blasphemy straight out of Germany and straight into the annals of black metal satanism across the globe. An album that was rushed from digital to CD and released to the world even before the vinyl is ready. Vinyl collectors and hipsters across the world are, of course, crushed by this fact.

Overall, Catechesis is a work of swirling black metal chaos. Dissonant guitars alternate between furious picking and expansive, mood setting openness. The drums follow in suit; laying out when necessary, crashing cymbals for tension and blasting away when the furious guitars fly off on their mission to obfuscate. The vocals take inspiration from across the world. Even affecting a Jef Whitehead style howl of despair on tracks like “Darkest Light From Glaring Shadows.” There are even some computer filtered demonic pronouncements similar to the evil wizard voice on Gloryhammer. As I mentioned earlier, there are numerous guest performances. Without harping on it: Hellchrist Xul (Funeral Winds, Domini Inferi and Haatstrijd), S. Deathcurse, Necrosodom (Azarath)  and Hekte Zaren (Sacrilegeous Rite) all provide some backing the helps make the vocals so diverse and entrancing.

Kvltist’s Catechesis is a great example of black metal. It’s a promising look towards the future and it’s a really exciting release from two previously unknown artists.



– Manny-O-War

Catechesis is available 12.3.2015 via W.T.C. Productions. For more information on Kvltist check out their Facebook page.

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