Best of 2015: Zak Carter of Castle Freak

castle freak

As part of our ‘Best of 2015’ series that will continue over the next two weeks, we will also be featuring the top albums of a number bands and musicians within the genre we love so dearly. So, without further delay, allow us to kick things off with Castle Freak, the death metal/grindcore group out of Philadelphia. Guitarist Zak Carter was generous enough to share his ten favorite albums from 2015.

Zak Carter’s Top 10

1. Vastum – Hole Below
Absolutely crushing death metal that sounds like it was recorded in a cave.  If this isn’t near the top of your list you need to re-evaluate your taste in death metal because it’s objectively wrong.

2. Horrendous – Anareta
Masterfully executed and beautifully written.  I can’t get enough of this album.  I didn’t think they would be able to top Ecdysis but they did it.

3. Pissgrave – Suicide Euphoria
Pure, raw filth that borders on being unintelligble noise in the best way.  If the first Deicide demos were recorded on PCP.

4. Noisem – Blossoming Decay
Take everything you liked about “Agony Defined” and then take out all the things you didn’t like about and then go fuck yourself because this album rules.

5. Ilsa – The Felon’s Claw
Fuzzed out metal of death.  Heaviest bass tone of the year.

6. Mgła – Exercises in Futility
The best black metal release of the year, hands down.

7. Genocide Pact – Forged Through Domination

8. Malthusian – Below the Hengiform
Malthusian packs more sickening atmosphere in 3 songs than your shitty band ever will.

9. With The Dead – With the Dead
It’s Electric Wizard meets Cathedral.  It’s as awesome as it sounds.

10. Under the Church – Rabid Armageddon
Totally killer riff fest from former members of Nirvana 2002.  The absolute shit.

Thank you to Zak for his time. I encourage you all to check out Castle Freak’s latest release, Still Rotting, linked below from their Bandcamp page. For additional information, be sure to check out their official Facebook page.

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