Visions ov Hell: King Dude – “Deal With the Devil”

King Dude - Deal With the Devil

For this edition of Visions ov Hell we are brushing shoulders with Lucifer himself in King Dude‘s latest video, Deal With the Devil. For any of you familiar you may be thinking ‘what? this ain’t metal’ and technically speaking you would be right. But only technically. King Dude is apocalyptic folk / neofolk by trade but his music and themes are extremely dark and the devil always seems to be close in every one of his songs — this one is no different. We featured his newest release here and I highly recommend anyone to take a listen, but for now we watch this tale unfold…

We open with a prayer for strength and a foggy mountainside view. Out of the mist comes a man carrying what we can only assume to be his dead wife. With a pick, he slowly begins to carve her grave out of the earth. The woman rises like a ghost, writhes around in a dancing pose then falls to the ground once again. With a gentle sweep of a blanket over her face he pulls her into the fresh grave. Just as the fog is getting thicker a vision of a serpent appears then a second man is standing in frame behind our subject. Almost knowingly, the husband turns and delivers two quick shovel blows to this man and puts him on the ground.

During a short lived conversation between these two men over the soul of the woman, we find out the one that was hit is the devil even though he never gives his real name. He doesn’t have to though with his dark eyes and the telling statement ‘I’m just here to collect what’s mine’. The husband stabs the devil, of course to no effect other than hysterical laughter then attempts to shoot him but the gun won’t fire. Just as he raises a pick to try that approach the devil says that it was never about the woman and instead it was about him. In this huge twist of events the wife rises once more and shoots the husband, twice. As the devil laughs aloud she then turns the gun on him, and just as before, weapons have no effect but effectively ends the video.

The acoustic music and heartwrenching vocals from TJ Cowgill (King Dude) are the perfect accompaniment to the events that unfold. The way the guitar grows slowly more intense and the vocals grow louder and sharper very effectively builds tension along the way. Directed by Daniel Garcia, the video is beautifully done, using the surroundings as another element of darkness and suspense. Alright, enough words about this fantastic video. Hit play below and have a good Monday…

– Josh

Songs of Flesh and Blood – In the Key of Light is available now on Not Just Religious Music. For more information on King Dude visit his Facebook page.

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