Wake Up and Smell the Satan! – March 4, 2016


Six Songs About Vaginal Disfigurement That are Sure to Get Your Grandma Out of That Coma

Soon your grandmother will be in hell with me. We shall have a wonderful time. But if you’re hoping for her to recover and spend more miserable time on earth then, by all means, play the songs below to wake her from her death sleep.

  1.  Tribulation – Vagina Dentata
  2.  Regurgitation – Repulsive Genital Disfigurement
  3.  Pyschotic Abnormal Disfigurement – Mastication of Vaginal Parasites
  4.  Anal Penetration – Discrimination of the Vagina
  5.  Pestschwadron – Splitting Vagina of Christian Virgin Part II
  6.  Dumpster Diver – Elephantiasis of the Vagina


Hail Satan,

Ritual Grim

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