Album Review: Into Coffin – “Into a Pyramid of Doom”

into coffin into a pyramid of doom

Germany is not a country known for it’s doom. Particularly moody doom with a touch for extended intros descending into atmospheric passages. But that’s exactly what Germany’s Into Coffin deliver across their debut LP. With nothing but a short demo under their belt, Into Coffin, sharing members with Infuria and Omnivore, deliver a surprisingly put together albeit lengthy, debut, Into a Pyramid of Doom.

Buckle up for essentially a six-minute introduction that lulls you into a false sense of security. A few minutes into the second track “Stargate Path” the fury begins with some straightforward drumming and a hearty mix of black metal influences. The vocals are inviting, almost harkening the listener to join in on the journey. Further, despite the intro, “Stargate Path” is, along with the final track “Black Ascension,” one of the stronger tracks on the album. The mix of influences combined withe the central purpose of the composition create a moving experience for the listener.

The longer tracks, particularly the third and fourth respectively, the title track “Into a Pyramid of Doom” and “The Deep Passage for the infinity of the Cosmos” reveal the story that Into Coffin is attempting to weave across this mammoth cassette. Certainly the band has sought out the history behind the pyramids and where they are located, in reference to the astrological goings on above them. The title track opens slowly and, across it’s nearly seventeen minutes, unfurls a blood curdling journey into the heart of the ancient unknown. The track ebbs and flows rhythmically as it’s main character strides through different levels of hell inside the pyramid. Ultimately, and potentially unfortunately for the listener, the track is cohesive and could use some breaking up. Perhaps some of those atmospheric flourishes from earlier.

The other tractor trailer length track, “The Deep Passage for the infinity of the Cosmos” clocks in at over seventeen minutes. This one opens in a classic rock fashion with single, slightly distorted, guitar riffs leading the way as drums crash in the most open fashion behind them mimicking the footsteps of a fantasy novel monster. It’s essentially a full seven minutes before the track begins to blister and puss. It’s here that the black metal influence is most clearly revealed as the guitars quickly pick single notes and the drums blast away (albeit in an open fashion).

Ultimately, there are highs and lows across Into a Pyramid of Doom. The highs represent a blend of influences including black metal and death metal mixed with their essentially doomy approach. The lows represent extended intros that don’t really serve a purpose other than to lengthen the album. Some editing and a bit more ferocity however could make Into Coffin a contender in the modern doom scene.

– Manny-O-War

Into a Pyramid of Doom is available 4.8.2016 via Caligari Records. For more information on Into Coffin check out their page at Metal-Archives.


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