Visions ov Hell: The Order Of Israfel – “Von Sturmer”

The Order Of Israel - Von Sturmer

For this edition of Visions ov Hell we take a look at the latest video from Sweden’s The Order of Israfel, “Von Sturmer”. I spent a lot of time with their 2014 debut Wisdom and the simplicity in their heavy handed doom really caught my attention. It’s just heavy riffs and earth pounding percussion with a powerful singer. And really what more do you need from doom? It’s Cathedral meets Sabbath without ever feeling like a rehash of either but relying on the same structuring and heft of both. Simple yet effective. We find the same with this track which, is off their upcoming full length Red Robes due out at the end of this month.

The band are no strangers to cinematic videos telling eerie stories and using wide open spaces to give the viewer the feeling of existential dread (“On Black Wings, A Demon“). Continuing in that tradition, this video opens with a seemingly loving couple taking advantage of a cloudy day roaming the countryside. As they trek forward we notice they’re being watched. Finding a deserted house and barn the couple, of course, investigates. And just as in a horror movie, this proves too be a bad idea.

As they rummage through the items left behind the woman picks up a phone and the watcher from earlier appears — it’s apparent now that he’s a spirit. With words of vampires, stakes through hearts, and Satan in this woman’s ear she seems to take pause and change in an ominous way. The couple finds a chest with a single ax contained within. The man shrugs it off but the woman goes for another look as the spirit whispers something in her ear and then disappears. Next frame is the woman gliding toward her mate and sinking this ax into his body numerous times. The pace of the band quickens as she chops away, screaming madly while the blood sprays. The woman walks away from the house, ax in hand, and the spirit appears once again smiling with approval of the events that have just transpired. Or maybe he’s smiling because he likes the music, either way he’s happy.

The Order Of Israfel

Several shots of the band playing in the barn are interspersed throughout and if you paid attention you may have recognized vocalist and 1/2 of the guitar tandem, Tom Sutton (Church of Misery and Night Viper). The extremely catchy doom metal this band makes is glorious in its simplicity. No frills or noodling just outstanding doom with quick solos and hook laden choruses. Music to my ears for sure so dive in below and experience it for yourself.


Red Robes will be available on May 27 on Napalm Records. For more information on The Order of Israfel visit the band’s official website.

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