Receiving the Evcharist: Temple Nightside and Bell’s Brewery’s Lager of the Lakes

Receiving the Evcharist

With my dearly beloved cohort in blog-crime away at Migration Fest, I decided to step up to the liquor soaked plate and combine one of my absolute favorite fancy beers with an album that I really enjoy but wasn’t able to cover in detail. It should be known that I’m generally a Miller Lite of Miller Hi-Life kind of guy. I like having something as a go-to that is simple, direct and generally pretty watery. But when I like to step it up, I don’t mess around. On the metal end, I think it’s no secret that I’m pretty all over the board. But I tend to like a lot more aggression in my metal than I do in my beer. So for this week’s edition of Receiving the Evcharist I will pair a Bell’s Lager of the Lakes with the newest release from Australian blackened death metal outfit, Temple Nightside.

The Booze: Bell’s Brewery’s Lager of the Lakes

Made in the style of a typical Czech Pilsner, the Lager of the Lakes provides a crisp and refreshing take on the Lager. There is some decent hop on this brew actually. Sporting a doable 5% ABV it’s a beer you can sip on without fear of annihilation. I first found this beer on a hot summer day last year. I wandered into a beer garden and asked to be surprised. It was love at first sip. For me, a guy that is intrigued by the more unique and careful brews but isn’t married to them, Lager of the Lakes provides a perfect balance between feeling like a regular human being and actually enjoying what I’m sipping on.

The Metal: Temple Nightside– The Hecatomb

Released on August 5, 2016, The Hecatomb is a murky, swirling, churning mix of death metal and black metal. Spanning more than forty-two minutes, Temple Nightside present unrelenting aggression that sounds as if it’s broiling up and out of an over heated swamp. Taking cues from Void Meditation Cult, particularly when it comes to the more slowed down portions of their program, Temple Nightside present something that is purely spooky in nature. It’s an album that is filthy, grimy and dripping with putrescence. While this style of metal has certainly strayed from being accessible, there’s something altogether intriguing about it. Due to a general murkiness it takes an astute listener to pick out the subtleties of musicianship that ride within the heart of the nebula. Certainly not your average summer listening, Temple Nightside somehow provides relief from the oppressive heat of summer by being even more oppressive than the weather. In a good way.

While these two things don’t appear to match on paper, they actually went quite well together. It could be the unrelenting heat, but the hellish music combined with a crisp Lager reminiscent of a cool swim in a lake, was somehow quite refreshing. In a sense, a combination that allows full metal cred to be maintained while actually enjoying life a little bit. I highly recommend both!

– Manny-O-War

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