Visions ov Hell: Wormrot – “Fallen Into Disuse”


October 14 is going to be a good day due to the fact that Singapore’s grind trio Wormrot will release their long awaited third full length Voices. The band announced this with a video that came with its own warning label regarding the possible hallucinogenic effects contained within. For this Visions ov Hell we take a look at the recently released video for Fallen Into Disuse. No better thing I can think of for a Monday, so give your aggressiveness an outlet before you ram into that car going too slow.

The first half of this track is melodic in nature, not the bone smashing speed we’ve come to love from this band. And it’s great. It’s got crunch, bounce and rhythm all at once. But that approach doesn’t last long. I mean this is grindcore after all, before long it gets dirty and nasty — which of course is what you come for when we’re talking Wormrot. New drummer Vijesh has no problem keeping up and if anything seems faster than Fitri was on Dirge. Not a knock by any means but at least with this track it appears the band have made a great choice in a replacement.


The video itself was shot at a recent show so if you go full screen it’s like being there. Well, not really. But you get the idea. We get multiple angles of the band belting it out with a frenzied crowd who like to body surf. They’ve added in a psychedelic blue touch to some of the shots around the edges and in the shadows, so I’m starting to think the band likes to mess with your head. When you’re Wormrot this is acceptable and expected. Arif is sporting a Primitive Man t-shirt which is an outstanding coincidence. Even though these two bands are on opposite sides of the spectrum, they share the same vision for destroying an audience. While they share the same vicious approach, one just happens to be done at warp speed. Hit the play button below and hold on to your hat.

– Josh

Voices will be available October 14 on Earache Records. For more information on Wormrot visit the bands website.

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