Visions ov Hell: Venom Prison – “Celestial Patricide”

Venom Prison - Celestial Patricide

If you’ve been following along Venom Prison is a band you need to be aware of. The UK band’s debut full length Animus is due out on October 14 but you should already know about this death metal/hardcore five piece from their previously released demo and subsequent EP that if anything showed a band with a penchant for ear destruction of the highest order. For this Visions ov Hell we have, for your listening and watching pleasure, the latest video from Animus titled “Celestial Patricide” and if you’re up on your definitions then you know they mean business.

I first learned of this band from @butcherr666 and since then I haven’t looked back. They are a brutal vision of today’s death metal sifted through a filter of wretched hardcore. Blast beats followed by death metal fervor is what you will find within the first 20 seconds of this track. And then Larissa’s lacerating scream/growls break the surface and this is when the song eclipses its own fervor. The song is a relentless 4 plus minutes of decadent riffs and blasting percussion that would make the godfathers of death metal grin but would also make the hardcore legions extremely happy. And thats the beauty of Venom Prison, they straddle genre lines so seamlessly that it seems effortless and dangerous at the same time. They are, at their core, death metal but kick you in the teeth like Converge did with Jane Doe. And yes, they are that good in case you were wondering.

Venom Prison

As for the video, its an amalgamation of live image shots of snakes and jesus on the cross via cathedral windows. It gets the point across extremely well. Celestial is of the heavens and Patricide means killing one’s father. So if you’re religious at all be prepared to be offended, thats kind of the point. Metal as a whole has survived for many years on being offensive in one way or the other and Venom Prison deliver on this promise. In the beginning, death metal was meant to be offensive to those who sought out a higher power. Thus the rise of the PMRC, and funny enough that was all about hair metal. Imagine the shitstorm if Tipper Gore would’ve known about some tried and true death metal. Laughable at best but all that bullcrap sold a crapton of records back in the day. I can only imagine what it would be now if Tipper could hear this track and see the snakes intertwining with the image of the holy one himself, it would be epic but at the same time it would sell a metric f%$k ton of albums for Venom Prison. Anyway, check it out for yourself in the video below and go immediately to preorder the album. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed.

– Josh

Animus will be available October 14 on Prosthetic Records. For more information on Venom Prison visit the band’s Facebook page.

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