Album Review: Necromorbid – “El Dia de la Bestia”

Necromorbid - El Dia de la Bestia

Italy’s Necromorbid join the ranks of christbashing death metal on their full length debut El Dia de la Bestia. True, this approach is as old as metal itself and at this point is about as played out as possible. But the way this trio rips through 29 minutes of no holds barred satanic vitriol they, at the very least, make a strong case for themselves. This is the same kind of blasphemic death metal that led many down the left hand path during a time when evil in metal was still considered to be taboo and garnered attention from concerned parents worldwide. With that in mind, this kind of evil hasn’t sounded this good in a long time.

There are so many components that make this debut a good one; from the nonstop onslaught of blast beats to the bloodcurdling combination of screams and demonic growls to the ghostly thick atmosphere that permeates every distorted riff. But that’s not to say the production is cut rate, quite the contrary, it’s uncharacteristically clear for music of this ilk. With enough attention, every little nuance can be heard, which in the context of this frenetically paced album is a good thing. Clarity and detail make this debut an even bigger beast than it already is.

Whether or not Necromorbid are disciples of what they preach matters not. What matters is the band comes across fully prepared for a religion crushing battle of epic proportions. Honestly it’s refreshing in a sense that many have tread this same path but few actually succeed to this level. Archgoat, Marduk, and early Deicide come to mind and consequently are a pretty good cross section of what this particular band shows they are more than capable of on tracks like “Antichrist Command Supremacy” and “Supreme Satanic Redemption”. And yes, these songs sound as evil as their titles imply. The Black Witchery cover of “Desecration of the Holy Kingdom” mightily compliments the original, not only in sound but in dark and sinister atmosphere as well.


On El Dia de la Bestia (The Day of the Beast) Necromorbid penetrate the thick and crowded throngs of satanically persuaded blackened death metal bands and come away with an extreme statement of supremacy. They expand greatly on their influences and leave this bestial branch of metal in a better place than they found it. Kudos yet again to the amazing Caligari Records for unearthing these Italian hellions and offering their brutal music for the masses to consume. But don’t sleep on this one, it’s limited to 150 copies. So, go, NOW and take advantage while you still can.

– Josh

El Dia de la Bestia will be available November 6 on Caligari Records. For more information on Necromorbid visit their Facebook page.

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