Visions ov Hell: Schammasch – “Metanoia”


Earlier this year, or better put, what seems like a lifetime ago, I spoke at length about the impressiveness that was the Schammasch epic triple album titled Triangle. While it came out some seven months ago now, there is no doubt that this expansive musical endeavor is still high up on my list of memorable albums from 2016. That said, just in case this early year release may have slipped out of focus with others, Schammasch have coupled Triangle with a stunning music video for one of the highlight tracks known as “Metanoia”.

Placed directly in the middle of the second of the three albums (and thereby directly in the middle of the journey that is Triangle), “Metanoia” is an eight minute ride along music that is equal parts transcending in gloom and uplifting in melody. It is a track that is ambitious in its elongated duration yet the wandering tempos and phrasing all come together in perfect logic. And as internally therapeutic as this track is in many ways, the music video for it is appropriately just as thought provoking. Duration criticism be damned, this video will capture you for its full eight minutes and never bore you. Mesmerizing throughout, it is certainly an adequate addition to this song and album.

Directed by Patrick Häberli and set in the isolated, cold landscapes of Iceland, “Metanoia” is a fascinating display of art filled with deliberation and thought. While perhaps not as intricate or over the top as other videos we are familiar with filmed in this area of the world, “Metanoia” still brings more than enough creativity. In what it possibly lacks in perceived technicality from a visual standpoint, it more than makes up for in its actual message. Slow motion black and white images over icy landscapes and wave-beaten shores float by in a truly entrancing fashion. The deliberation of falling waterfalls and varying physical stances of the characters in this video, including Schammasch frontman C.S.R, allows the audience to fully immerse themselves in the driving cadence of the music. As the video carries on, we are introduced to a dancing figure which represents a creative new direction for the video, if not a curious one. Broadening these concepts further still, the video takes on a much darker personality in the closing minutes, dragging us with it. The amount of ground this video covers is deceptively impressive. And it’s once you’ve allowed yourself time to isolate with the sounds and visuals that you began to understand what I mean.

Needless to say, this is a video that I am extremely impressed by made for a song I am very much fond of. Triangle was an unquestionably brilliant album, as ambitious as it was, and the video for “Metanoia” supplements the concepts behind it nicely. The video came out some time ago at this point, but if you haven’t gotten a chance to see it yet, be sure to do so now.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– cmb

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