Initial Descent: April 2 – 8, 2017

EXTREMITY - photo_by_Jehnifer_Mickalacki_Sublett_
Extremity – photo courtesy of Jehnifer Mickalacki Sublett

What a week right? We’ve had hot, cold, snow and downright nasty weather but hopefully everyone is ok and ready to get this week behind us in hopes that next week might bring better things. But, hold that thought as we have a stellar week of metal releases to get to before we move on. Lets get after it: first up is Extremity with their debut Extremely Fucking Dead which is, simply put, fun death metal for fans of straight ahead, no frills death metal, plus the band features a deep lineup so get on it ASAP. Next up is the blackened hardcore debut A World Within Flesh from Hellkeeper, this is the kind of album that pulls you in and refuses to let go while it batters your ears to a bloody pulp, tasty. Moving along we have Sigil‘s debut Kingdom of the Grave and honestly if this crusty piece of d-beat driven death metal doesn’t make you move or start a pit in your living room you’re already dead. Last but not least is Azarath with their sixth full length of Behemoth meets Krisiun strain of death metal, In Extremis. This band just gets better with each album and considering their first full length was ridiculously good and theyre six albums in, that’s saying something. You know the deal, we have many more after the jump so clear the rest of your weekend and enjoy.

Extremity - Extremely Fucking Dead

Extremity – Extremely Fucking Dead (20 Buck Spin) – death metal [full review]

Hellkeeper - A World Within Flesh

Hellkeeper – A World Within Flesh (Independent) – blackened hardcore [full review]

Sigil - Kingdom of The Grave

Sigil – Kingdom of the Grave (Horror Pain Gore Death) – death metal [full review]

Azarath - In Extremis

Azarath – In Extremis (Agonia Records) – death metal

Also on tap:

A Lie Nation – Begin Hate, EP (Inverse Records) – melodic extreme metal

Anewrage – Life-Related Symptoms (Scarlet Records) – alt-metal

Arthemis – Blood Fury Domination (Scarlet Records) – metal

Avelion – Illusion of Transparency (Revalve Records ) – melodic, progressive metal

Beast Modulus – Being (Independent) – groovy math metal

Common Eider, King Eider – Shrines for the Unwanted, Respite for the Cast Aside (Sentient Ruin) – dark ambient

Connoisseur – Over the Edge (Tankcrimes) – violent stoner metal

Corpus Diavolis – Atra Lumen (ATMF) – black metal

Curse the Son – Isolator, CD (Ripple Music) – stoner doom metal

Empusae – Lueur (Consouling Sounds) – dark, melancholic electronica

Farflung – Unwound Celluloid Frown, EP (Heavy Psych Sounds) – space rock

Ghost Horizon – The Erotics of Disgust (Tridroid Records) – post black metal

Inferno – Gnosis Kardias (Of Transcension and Involution) (WTC) – black metal

Katharos XIII – Negativity (Loud Rage Music) – depressive suicidal black metal

Mercury Rain – St. Matthieu, Remaster (Bristol Archive Records) – power metal

My Own Ghost – Life On Standby (Secret Entertainment) – rock

Nervochaos – Nyctophilia (Greyhaze Records) – extreme metal

Netherbird – Hymns From Realms Yonder, Comp. (Black Lodge Records) – melodic black/death metal

Orth – Nocturno Inferno, Re-Release (Satanic Art Media) – black metal

Possession – Exorkizein (Invictus/Iron Bonehead) – black metal

Reflection – Bleed Babylon Bleed (Pitch Black Records) – epic doom

Royal Thunder – Wick (Spinefarm) – bluesy rock

Silence Equals Death – End Times (Eulogy Recordings) – hardcore

Sinheresy – Domino (Scarlet Records) – symphonic, progressive metal

Steelfall – The Event Horizon (Raging Planet) – modern thrash metal

The Crawling – Anatomy of Loss (Grindscene Records) – melancholic, melodic death metal

The Obsessed Sacred (Relapse Records) – doom metal [full review]

The Sarcaphogus – Beyond This World’s Illusion (Satanath Records) – black metal

Trial – Motherless (Metal Blade) – heavy metal

Valborg – Endstrand (Prophecy Productions) – experimental metal

Virulent Depravity – Fruit of the Poisoned Tree (Artisan Era Records) – technical death metal

Witchapter – Spellcaster, EP (Black Bow Records) – sludge, doom

Woodhawk – Beyond the Sun (Independent) – rock

– Josh

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