Receiving the Evcharist: Oranssi Pazuzu & GT Gose

Receiving the Evcharist

Welcome back, dear readers.  This week’s offering sees me playing catch-up two fold.  I’m bringing you an album released almost a month ago that I forgot about, paired with a style of beer that I am still attempting to familiarize myself with.  Let’s get into it.  The Metal: Oranssi Pazuzu’s Kevät / Värimyrsky.  The Booze: Anderson Valley Brewing’s GT Gose.  

The Metal: Oranssi Pazuzu’s Kevät / Värimyrskyoranssi pazuzu KV

If you’re like me, you’re one of the people who heaped praise on Värähtelijälast year’s full length from the insanely creative Oranssi Pazuzu.  Their take on prog and krautrock influenced black metal is absolutely singular in sound, and makes for compelling listens time after time.  Hot on the heels of that success comes Kevät / Värimyrskya two-song 10″ EP being sold exclusively on their latest tour (though available digitally from the ever trustworthy 20 Buck Spin).  While not new material per se, Kevät / Värimyrsky contains versions of two of the band’s older unreleased songs.  “Kevät”, a B-side from the Valonielu sessions, kicks the EP off with heavy bass guitar chords and swirling effect laden guitars.  The track lumbers along menacingly, content to wallow in ambiance and spacey experimentation until a quick fade out.  “Värimyrsky” is a much more lively affair once it kicks into gear.  The guitars build a wall of swirling chords and melancholic hanging notes that get kicked into the stratosphere by a driving, almost danceable beat.  These songs play off of each other well and keep the tradition of excellence this band is known for alive and well.  Where they go next is anyone’s guess but I’ll be excited no matter what.

The Booze: Anderson Valley Brewing’s GT Gose


For all the different styles of beer I try to familiarize myself with, there are still many that escape me.  For the longest time, the gose style ale was one of those.  I only found out about the existence of this style last summer really, and in that time I’ve only tried a few different takes on this, to varying degrees of success.  But one thing I do love is a nice gin and tonic, so when I saw Anderson Valley had a gose ale that incorporated the flavors of my favorite cocktail, I knew I had to give it a shot, and I’m glad I did.  The GT Gose delivers what I was promised and what I wanted out of every other gose ale I tried, all while bridging the gap between my two favorite drinks.  The initial sip is like a salty pilsner, which may sound off-putting to some, but trust me, it’s wholly enjoyable.  The finish that follows is clean and refreshing, fading to hints of citrus and juniper berry that give this brew it’s distinctive name.  It’s like an odd cross between beer, a margarita, and a gin and tonic, all expertly woven together.  This beer made me believe in gose.

So that does it for another week.  I hope you’ve found something to enjoy here.  As always, cheers, and be good to each other.

– Vincent

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