Album Review: Desekryptor – “Chasm of Rot”

Desekryptor - Chasm Of Rot

Blood Harvest Records is a reliable label for all things old-school death metal.  This time around, they send waves throughout the underground with Desekryptor’s Chasm of Rot released on tape.  Old-school death metallers rejoice!

From first blast section to mid-tempo romp, Desekryptor don’t hiccup in five tracks worth of runtime on this cassette tape.  For fans of blasting, grinding dark death metal, there can be no shortage of joys as the catchy riffs and rhythm section deliver the goods.  Back-alleys in Brooklyn used to fester with the refuse and rot music like this calls home, but Desekryptor hails from some other neck in the woods, where death metal too dark or old-school for modern death metal and melodic death metal fans don’t come crawling out of the woodwork.  We Nine Circles writers pay homage to bands like Desekryptor for keeping this savage music alive and rotting.

Expectations hardly ever yield equilateral results, as Desekryptor’s promo copy largely flew under the radar during its peak marketing period.  A listen to this band confirmed my suspicions that great death metal of any sort can largely go unnoticed even as artwork attempts to make the style of music on tap apparent.  So, I was wrong for not giving this a chance before the tape version was released, and you fans will be just as wrong if you don’t stream this and pay heed.

desecryptor_band pic

Cassette tape is back en vogue now even as metal labels have largely chosen to release epic death metal on vinyl.  I’m a big fan of extreme metal released in tape versions and so I will say this now: get a cassette deck no matter why or how, and support this high caliber death metal treat on tape, or it’s to the boondocks with you!

Shame on me putting a gun to your head and demanding support for this vaunted death metal act.  Know this very minute that the tapes are flying off the shelves at Blood Harvest, and if yours has your name on it, it will be a really good gift to give yourself.  Be kind to yourself, and I don’t mean that you should bring a boombox with you to your bathroom as you lounge in bubbles in the tub while listening to this.  Worthwhile on audiophile or necro stereo, Desekryptor will rip your presumptions on good death metal if you only give them a chance.  So stream it here, and say goodbye to the last putrid unworthy band you shouldn’t have listened to.

-Al Necro

Chasm of Rot is available now on Blood Harvest. For more information on Desekryptor visit their Facebook page.

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