Receiving the Evcharist: Akatharsia and Hell or High Watermelon

Receiving the Evcharist

Good evening and happy Friday once more to you all.  Tonight we travel to the Bay area of California for our ritual, with a beer from San Fransisco and an album from across the bridge in Oakland.  The Metal: Akatharsia’s No Generation Without Corruption.  The Booze: 21st Amendment Brewing Company’s Hell or High Watermelon.  

The Metal: Akatharsia’s No Generation Without Corruption

Akatharsia - No Generation Without Corruption

Akatharsia are a name that has been in my ears for some time now, yet even after hearing praise for their demo and split with Urzeit (a band you know I hold dear) I had somehow never given them the attention they deserve.  When I found out the band had finally dropped their first full length album after near three years of silence, and after reading praise from The Sunken Temple and a seeing a shout-out from Adam of Gilead Media, I decided to change that.  From the first notes of the feedback drenched, frenzied opener “Refusal of Light” I knew I had made a good call.  Akatharsia’s No Generation Without Corruption hits on the classic combo of raw black metal and punk that in other hands can sound derivative, yet there are more than enough curveballs here that set them apart from your average Bone Awl clone.  Whether it’s the grungy trudge of “Triumphant Negation” or the near fourteen minute ambient interlude “Adoration of the Void,” there’s plenty here that you wouldn’t expect to find, but Akatharsia never manage to sacrifice the snarl that fans of the style rejoice in.

The Booze: 21st Amendment Brewing Company’s Hell or High Watermelon

hell or high watermelon

21st Amendment’s Hell of High Watermelon is the exception and not the rule.  As we have stated before in this column, I don’t often find myself enjoying wheat beers, and I find myself enjoying fruit beers even less.  Yet here stands before you a drink that I actively seek out as often as it is available to me.  Hell or High Watermelon is subtle in it’s flavor profile, which is what makes it work as well as it does.  The watermelon essence is natural tasting and not too sweet, and offers a refreshingly crisp and clean finish that rounds out the wheat ale characteristics nicely.  This is an endlessly thirst-quenching beer, perfect for the summer heat, and the low alcohol content means you can throw back quite a few of these if that’s what you choose.  I have yet to find a better wheat or fruit beer than this.

And so, there you have it.  I hope our offerings from the Bay Area have been worth your time.  I will see you again soon.  Until then,

Cheers, and be good to each other,

– Vincent

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