Best of 2017: Grethor


We kicked off the “best of 2017” season earlier this week with a massive playlist of staff favorites and now begins the cavalcade of lists. We will of course feature staff lists but also guest lists from bands, PR folks and others so stay tuned for all of what’s to come. Today, we begin with Grethor, an extreme black / death metal band from Virginia who have a sizable list of EP’s under their belt but also will be releasing their debut full length, Damnatio Memoriae, on January 26, 2018 via Edgewood Arsenal. The band has come together to share their ten favorite albums so head inside to see what they chose.

Grethor’s Best of 2017

1. Suffocation – Of the Dark Light

This album is just so much fun from beginning to end. The riffs and the drumming are some of the best I’ve heard since their 2004 album Souls to Deny. Its hard to pick a favorite song when every track is just so damn good.

2. Paradise Lost – Medusa

I loved their previous album The Plague Within, so I was glad to hear them continue in a similar vein on Medusa. This highly satisfying album has a strong stoner doom vibe with the fuzzed-out bass guitar front and center in the mix. Favorite tracks: “From the Gallows,” “Medusa” and “No Passage for the Dead”

3. Immolation – Atonement

Immolation really stepped it up with this one. It’s a great album full of the kind of death metal only Immolation can create. Favorite Tracks: “The Distorting Light,” “Lower”

4. Mournspire – Liminals of Profound Loss

Mournspire is a local doom / death metal band who released their first album recently. Its one of the most inventive, compelling releases I’ve heard in recent years, and I highly recommend fans of the genre to check them out. Favorite Tracks: “Enamored,” “Wreathed in Ivy”

5. Nightrage – The Venomous

I grew up listening to melodic death metal, so the genre holds a special place in my heart. This album reminds me of everything that was great about 90s melodic death metal. I really enjoyed the tasteful drumming in particular. Favorite Tracks: “In Abhorrence,” “Affliction”

6. Affasia – Adrift in Remorse, EP

Like Mournspire, these guys are also a local band. They play a compelling style of melodic death / doom with rock influences. I highly recommend listening to this band as they have a lot to offer. Favorite Tracks: “Another Host,” “As You Never Were”

7. Gloom – Solaris

A hodgepodge of blackened death / doom / sludge / groove metal. One of the finest local bands, and this album was incredibly solid. Favorite Tracks: “Naught,” “1% Empty”

8. The Black Dahlia Murder – Nightbringers

TBDM is a band that, much like fine wine, has only gotten better with age. Nightbringers rips, plain and simple. Favorite Tracks: “Nightbringers,” “Jars”

9. Septicflesh – Codex Omega

I haven’t really kept up with this band since their 2008 album Communion, but I really enjoyed this latest release of theirs. Krimh is a phenomenal drummer and this album does a nice job showcasing his style. Favorite Track: “Portrait of a Headless Man”

10. Novembers Doom – Hamartia

Not much to say other than I found this album to be a solid, enjoyable listen. Favorite Track: “Devil’s Light”

Many thanks to Grethor for their time! For more information on the band, be sure to visit their Facebook page to stay up to date. And while you’re here, wet your whistle for their upcoming full length with the preview immediately below.

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