Initial Descent: February 11 – 17, 2018

Harakiri for the Sky
Harakiri for the Sky

Did you spend some quality time with your valentine? Yea, it was in the middle of the week…and work…and stuff. But, it’s the weekend now so no excuses right?! Take them camping, start a fire, go for a hike but whatever you do, don’t forget your headphones and might want to bring a splitter so you both can enjoy what this week’s new releases have to offer. Kicking off this week of heart’s is Austria’s Harakiri for the Sky as they continue to mix post-metal melancholy with black metal aggressiveness on Arson, thought provoking black metallers Eignelicht offer up their highly anticipated full length debut Self-Annihilating Consciousness and even though it’s only five tracks its all consuming nature makes it feel so much more expansive, Chaos Echoes successfully trump their own astounding debut on Mouvement and further prove that they are the reigning champs of extremely complex and contextual music, rounding out the opening slots: punk attitude meets hardcore intensity on The Good The Bad and The Zugly‘s third full length Misanthropical House. As you can clearly see, buying that headphone splitter is a great idea so you can share all the good stuff this week has to offer. There’s more to follow so head inside and enjoy.

Harakiri For the Sky - Arson

Harakiri For The Sky – Arson (AOP Records) – black / post-metal

Eigenlicht - Self Annihilating Consciousness

Eigenlicht – Self-Annihilating Consciousness (Gilead Media / I, Voidhanger) – black metal [full review]

Chaos Echoes - Mouvement

Chaos Echoes – Mouvement (Nuclear War Now! Productions) – experimental / progressive metal [feature review]

The Good The Bad and The Zugly - Misanthropical House

The Good The Bad and the Zugly – Misanthropical House (Fysisk Format) – hardcore [feature]

Also on tap:

Ataraxy – Where All Hope Fades (Dark Descent Records) – death / doom

Bible Black Tyrant – Regret Beyond Death (Argonauta Records) – sludge / doom

Coffin Torture – Dismal Planet (Sludgelord Records) – sludge / doom [feature]

Cryptivore – Unseen Divinity (Blood Harvest) – death metal

Empress – Reminiscence (Independent) – psych / doom

Japan Suicide – Santa Sangre (Unknown Pleasures Records) – alt-rock

Global Scum – Hell is Home (NRT Records) – death metal

Horizon Ablaze – The Weight of a Thousand Suns (Leviatan / Diger) – avant-extreme

Jinjer – Cloud Factory, Reissue (Napalm Records) – metalcore

Loathe / Holding AbsenceSplit (Sharptone) – experimental / post-hardcore

Lurker of Chalice – S/T, Reissue (Nuclear War Now! Productions) – black metal

My Silent Wake – There Was Death (Minotauro Records) – death doom

Nate Bohnet – Therapeutic Destruction (Independent) – grind / death

Natraxas – III (Independent) – psych rock

Nebula – To The Center, Reissue (Heavy Psych Sounds) – desert psych

Necrolytic Goat Converter – Removed From Sight, EP (Independent) – black metal

Neolithic / Martyrdöd – Split, 7” (Deep Six Records) – crust

Noose Rot – The Creeping Unknown (Independent) – death metal

Novareign – Legends (M-Theory Audio) – progressive power metal

Obscene –
Sermon to the Snake (Blood Harvest) – death metal

Ophe – Litteras Ad Tristia Maestrum Solitude (My Kingdom Music) – avantgarde black metal

Ossuarium – Calcified Trophies of Violence (Blood Harvest) – death metal

Overhung – Moving Ahead (Test Your Metal Records) – rock

Painted Doll – S/T (Tee Pee Records) – psych death

Revenger – The New Mythology Vol. 1 (Indepedent) – thrash

Shambles – Primitive Death Trance (Blood Harvest) – death doom

Supernaughty – Vol. 1 (Argonauta Records) – rock

Thal – Reach for the Dragon’s Eye (Argonauta Records) – rock

The Cops – First Offense (Artificial Head Records) – punk

Thecodontion – Thecodontia (Gravplass Propaganda) – black metal

Thy Kingdom Slum – A History of Dissent (Slum World Productions) – groove metal [feature]

Verikalpa – Taiselutahto (Inverse Records) – folk / troll metal

Visions of Atlantis – The Deep & The Dark (Napalm Records) – power metal

– Josh

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