Album Premiere: Nest – “Metempsychosis”

Nest - Metempsychosis

When the first lyric on an album is “suicide,” the term nihilistic has truly found its place. And even more so when the music surrounding it is a heap of distorted and downright nasty doom metal. Such is the case with Kentucky’s Nest on their debut full length Metempsychosis. The album is nine tracks of hopelessness, despair and total contempt for the world as we know it. And unlike most doom albums, the entire runtime here is 30 minutes and some change — lean and mean for this genre. Simply put, it makes its point quickly but sticks with you long after the last note rings out. Metempsychosis will be out tomorrow via Sludgelord Records but today we have the pleasure of premiering it in full for your listening enjoyment. 



Can you feel it? Every bit of hope just got sucked out of the room and generally that’s a bad thing but Nest make it sound so wickedly good. Be sure to pick up your own copy of Metempsychosis from Sludgelord Records and for more information on Nest visit their Facebook page.

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