Wake Up and Smell the Satan! – June 22, 2018

wake up and smell satan

It’s good to know that even the wicked one has his fingers in the beautiful game, going down in Russia right now. And while demonic mentions have not creeped much into World Cup coverage, pop culture still abides. So, read on…

  • Vice offered a garish look at a cult in India that upholds Lucifer. However, it pretty much adheres to every stereotype or television special on Satanism. “Shunning American music, they listened to European bands like Burzum, Opeth, Mayhem, A Forest of Stars, Necrobutcher, and Sledgehammer.” A more interesting look at small Satanic communities might be had in the 2015 Vice documentary on Catemaco, Mexico, which holds an annual witchcraft convention.
  • Speaking of TV, reality-show star Kat Von D got married this week to the lead singer of the band Prayers. I wasn’t invited either, but her wedding dress was criticized as Satanic, even if she looks more reindeer-ish.
  • The multi-faith website Patheos just published an essay by Lucien Greaves of the Satanic Temple on free speech, referencing a 2014 reenactment of a Black Mass. However, it covers plenty of current events of interest. “Calls for censorship — especially today when sensitive materials are freely traded online — do more to elevate offending expression than to suppress it.”
  • The Ken Mayle case has revealed an odd connection to President Donald Trump’s legal team member Jay Sekulow. The Outline remarks Sekulow was active fighting Mayle’s case, in which he was seeking to have “In God We Trust” removed from currency.

Today is a good day for black metal fans. From Italy’s Al Ard releasing its industrial black metal/dubstep debut to Musmahhu serving up its raw black metal to the return of Finland’s Curse Upon a Prayer, with The Three Woes, there’s a range of black metal out. Sweden’s Craft releases its first album today that it has done in seven years. You can stream White Noise and Black Metal in full via its label, Season of Mist.

Greece’s Medieval Demon offer up their sophomore album, Medieval Necromancy, out today. It brings you a bit of that first-wave/primitive vibe that undoubtedly has its adherents.

– EA

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