Wake Up and Smell the Satan! – September 21, 2018


This semi-regular space has emerged somewhat as a look at appearances of Satan in popular culture and looks at new and upcoming black metal. In recent weeks, the Dark Lord has appeared in much national and international news….

  • Amid all the recent abuse headlines, the Pope has said Satan is on the attack against bishops.
  • A Brazilian couple was recently arrested for murder and were tied by police to Satanism. However, a confessed affiliation is thus far unclear.
  • Neo-Nazis recently vandalized a Jewish house of worship as a Synagogue of Satan. The notion among white supremacists of Judaism as a Luciferian practice has roots in Christian Identity, among other neo-fascist religious beliefs.
  • A Missouri court has thrown out a lawsuit by the Satanic Temple against new abortion restrictions in the state.
  • Deicide’s Glen Benton was recently interviewed about the band’s forthcoming record. All those Satanic lyrics are apparently inspired by cycling.
  • And finally, Satan is to play a bit part in the forthcoming Netflix reboot of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. How that turns out remains to be seen.

In music, Boston’s Infera Bruo return with Cerement. While melding a few different styles, there is a strong black metal thread throughout.

Calfiornia’s Bosse-de-Nage just released its fifth album, Further Still, and it may be its most accessible yet. Hear “Sword Swallower” below and more cuts at The Flenser’s Youtube channel.

Germany’s Ancst have announced new album, Abolitionist, is in the works. Teasing that, the band graced us all with the title track:

– EA

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