Wake Up and Smell the Satan! – September 28, 2018

wake up and smell satan

Satan. Dude’s all over the place, look around or ask the person next to you. Or, you could simply pay attention to the surrounding decline – now there’s a clue. Alright, rush job here since there’s a few albums we need to discuss that the dark one himself would rock in a set of headphones while doing his thing. Moving right along…  

Black metal sees a crop of new albums today, including Vancouver’s Burial Shrine. The band’s raw and gritty take on black metal may feel familiar, but plenty of flourishes make it engrossing to experience. “To Scorch the Earth” is the lead song off of Labyrinth of Bridges.

Avant-garde black metal band A Forest of Stars is back this week with its new album, Grave Mounds and Grave Mistakes. It’s a characteristically strong outing from a group that has developed a devoted following for its take on the dark arts.

Speaking of unique, Graveborne’s 1918 is out today as well. The album is inspired by the Finnish Civil War, with lyrics influenced by both sides of the conflict. It may not be a battle you’re familiar with, but Wikipedia has you covered. Stream the album here:

Also this week, Serbian black metal band All My Sins offer their debut record, Pra Sila – Vukov Totem, via Saturnal. The duo takes inspiration from regional mythology, reflected at many turns here. The teaser should give a taste of what the second-wave-inspired aural attack is on this album.

Swedish black metal band Blood of Serpents offer up its second album this week. Sulphur Sovereign features a new vocalist, Thomas Clifford of Throne of Heresy and Abscession. You can hear the premiere track here:

And with that, I’m out. Remember…Satan.

– EA


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