Wake Up and Smell the Satan! – October 19, 2018

wake up and smell satan

The Adversary is seeing much invocation of late. A man declaring himself the son of Satan has been acquitted in the attempted murder of an elderly woman. Meanwhile, a woman who says she is Satan is in jail in a shooting case. Elsewhere in crime, Satan has been declared innocent as instigator of a fire pit in Arkansas. “As far as the spiritual Satan goes, we’ve ruled that out. … He didn’t come up and stick his pitchfork in the ground and blow that hole out.”

This week in black metal, Adverso issues its demo EP today via Purodium Rekords. You can hear the whole thing via SoundCloud now:

Portuguese black metal act Eadem released the album Luguber today via Iron Bonehead. There’s definitely a few different elements here – potentially prog and a few others – that you can sample here:

Tezcatlipoca offer a unique black metal album rooted in Mayan history and the many atrocities committed by religious factions. Hear Tlayohualtlapelani here:

In addition, Entropy Created Consciousness released Impressions of the Morning Star today. The one-man act’s release comes via Throne Records. Definitely a mix of styles, though solidly black metal. Catch some of it here:

And finally, Los Angeles-based Imperialist present Cipher today. Preview it below:

– EA



One thought on “Wake Up and Smell the Satan! – October 19, 2018

  1. No Refugee October 19, 2018 / 6:15 pm

    Tezcatlipoca’s mythology is not Mayan, but Mexica (Aztec)and other indigenous speakers of the Nahautl language. Not Mayan.

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