Album Review: Miscarriage – “Imminent Horror”


People constantly talk about how metal is over-saturated with thousands upon thousands of new bands that are all doing the same thing, exactly the same way. The ease of the internet to get your release out there removes the inhibitions of metal artists to put time and effort into developing their craft. Those that pay attention to such things, are constantly drowning in cookie-cutter, copy/paste versions of whatever the most popular band of a particular genre is. For those that know where to look (see releases from labels like Sentient Ruin, 20 Buck Spin, Gilead Media, Vrasubatlat, wins most fitting album title of 2019), you often are able to find those that are dedicated to themselves and their art rather than to clicks and streams. Behold, Miscarriage‘s Imminent Horror!

Miscarriage have done something that stands apart in its sheer depraved devastation. The shocking level of hatred present in Imminent Horror is both nauseating and intoxicating. Miscarriage have presented a truly horrific record that combines the aural filth of Pissgrave, the crushing heaviness of Primitive Man, and the disorienting, layered atmosphere of Skáphe. Somehow, the album is able to be so much more than the sum of its parts (and with parts like those, that is no easy task). If you step back to critically examine the genre-blending in these songs, you may think “how did it take so long for someone to do this?,” but that should not at all take away from the fact that this record has been revealed in the here and now and we still are not ready for it.

Here, Miscarriage play goregrind at a doom pacing with no regards for the human psyche. It eats away at your soul simply by casually existing. Goregrind typically rips through like a midwestern twister (oh look it’s a cow…and another cow…I think that’s the same cow). Miscarriage is more like a steady, impossibly devasting planetary atmosphere that showers all manner of unearthly hell down around you.

Sadly, I had completely missed all of Miscarriage’s previous material until I heard the first preview of Imminent Horror (*spoiler alert* all their old stuff is great too). I was immediately hooked and it took me all of 15 seconds to realize that this band I had never heard of before was now one of my favorite bands. And, this record will surely be high up on my end of year list.

– HardcoreJoe

Imminent Horror is available now on Sentient Ruin Laboratories. For more information on Miscarriage, visit their Facebook page.

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