Receiving the Evcharist: Superstition and GT’s Trilogy Kombucha

Receiving the Evcharist 2018

Receiving the Evcharist is our weekly feature where we pair choice albums with our favorite libations.  Drink from the cup of heresy. This week’s offering: Superstition’s The Anatomy of Unholy Transformation and GT’s Trilogy Kombucha.  

The Metal: Superstition’s The Anatomy of Unholy Transformation

superstition the anatomy of unholy transformation

We live in the age of throwback death metal.  Make of that what you will; for me, death metal is experiencing a renaissance, and the mining and reshaping of its early influences is giving us bands and albums that are among some of my favorite the genre has ever produced.  On the opposite side of the coin, however, lies a certain orthodoxy to death metal.  While not by any stretch a homogenous scene, bands making the death metal I listen to all have a relatively similar sound and approach.  This only serves to highlight bands like Superstition, who are moving the genre into places that are genuinely unique.  I have featured this band previously on this very column, and their first full-length album The Anatomy of Unholy Transformation continues their rise to the top.  Driven by lithe, sinewy guitar work that will be immediately recognizable from the group’s shared connection to Predatory Light (who I have also taken time to heap praise on), Anatomy is a sonic maelstrom of warped guitars, frantic drums, and gravelly vocals, whose assault only pauses during the album’s three kitschy keyboard interludes (THE BEST KIND OF INTERLUDE).  Superstition take the hallmarks of old-school death metal and contort them into something frenzied, sinister, and ridiculously good; sometimes thrashy, a little blackened, but always rooted in death, I can confidently say this isn’t like any death metal I’ve heard before.  And that’s a very, very good thing.

The Bo.., er, The Drink: GT’s Trilogy Kombucha

If I drink it from a beer glass it still counts, right?

Well folks, your old friend has found himself sick again for what feels like the hundreth time in the last months.  But this time, I’m not going to beg out; I really wanted to write about that Superstition album, and it’s a bit last minute to throw this at my colleagues.  So today we are going to do something a little different.  Today I’m going to go out on a limb and drink something that might actually be good for me.  Kombucha is one of those things that seems to divide people in numerous ways, whether that’s people who love vs. hate the taste or people who swear by the health benefits vs. those who don’t think it does anything at all.  I haven’t read into the science of it enough to have an opinion on the latter (although I do tend to reach for it when I’m sick), but on the former I am squarely in the Pro group, and my go-to Kombucha for the longest time has been GT’s Synergy.  Flavored with raspberry, lemon, and ginger, the trilogy from which the drink takes its name, it’s like drinking raspberry lemonade, soda, and herbal tea all at once.  The lemon ups the tartness from the kombucha base, the raspberry provides a nice sweet counterpoint, and the heat from the ginger helps to kick everything up a notch. As a bonus, the ginger also usually helps settle my stomach, which comes in handy right about now.  While I don’t think this will completely heal me, it certainly makes for a good way to end an evening.

Cheers, and be good to each other,

– Vincent

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