CANTO: Exodus, Earth Rot, Final Coil, and More

exodus sdcc

I have emerged from the wilderness.

  • Exodus have announced a performance at SDCC, specifically on July 18th at the House of Blues. I like when comics and metal combine, even though I’m really not in tune with the former scene. So basically I like when metal and literally anything else combines, I suppose.
  • Earth Rot have signed to Season of Mist, and are planning a new album release later this year. No details behind that release have surfaced yet (that I am aware of), but this is still good news for the death metallers and I’m pumped about it.
  • Final Coil have revealed their new drummer as well as a mini-documentary video called “The Making Of ‘The World We Left Behind for Others'”. Yes, it is a mouthful.
  • Not exactly metal, but I’ve been vibing with this track since discovering it in the inbox this morning. This is Coyote Kid with the track/video “Femme Fatale.”

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– cmb

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