Initial Descent: August 25 – 31, 2019


Mediocrity. The mother of all fails. We’ve all been guilty of it at some point; we get busy and things either fall by the wayside or we do just enough to tick off whatever task is in question. Make it a point to not be mediocre. Kick today, and life, right in the ass and own it. And keeping with that topic, there’s nothing mediocre about this week’s new metal as we’ve got new stuff from enthralling black metallers Necronautical, a major upgrade to the atmospheric post-black metal tag from Hope Drone, Wizard Rifle offers up unclassifiable but grade-A avantgarde metal wizardry, and Witch Vomit mine the cavernous depths of death metal extremely well.

Hate pep talks? FINE. Just go support all this music.

Necronautical - Apotheosis

Necronautical – Apotheosis (Candlelight) – black metal [profile]

Hope Drone - Void Lustre

Hope Drone – Void Lustre (Moment of Collapse / Sludgelord) – atmospheric post-black metal

Wizard Rifle - Wizard Rifle

Wizard Rifle – S/T (Svart) – avantgarde metal [profile]

cover Witch Vomit - Buried Deep In A Bottomless Grave

Witch Vomit – Buried Deep in a Bottomless Grave (20 Buck Spin) – death metal [feature review]

Also on tap:

Acid King – Busse Woods, Reissue (RidingEasy) – stoner metal

Aludra – Mass Stellar Graves (Akashic Envoy) – black metal

Antichrist Siege Machine – Schism Perpetration (Krucyator Productions / Stygian Black Hand) – black / death

Atomic Witch – Void Curse, EP (Seeing Red) – death / thrash

Cliterati – Ugly Truths / Beautiful Lies (Tankcrimes) – hardcore punk

Colored Moth – DIM (Wolves and Vibrancy Records) – post hardcore

Crimson Moon – Mors Vincit Omnia (Debemur Morti Productions) – black metal

Crytivore – Unseen Divinity (Vaginal Autopsy / Dawning Septic Productions) – death / grind

Culted – Vespertina Synaxis – A Prayer for Union and Emptiness (Season of Mist) – black / doom

Darkhan – S/T, EP (Independent) – darkwave

Decent News – Monolith (Machine Man) – industrial metal

Elvenking – Reader of the Runes – Divination (AFM) – power metal

Entombed A.D. – Bowels of Earth (Red Music) – death metal

Essence of Datum – Spellcrying Machine (Season of Mist) – progressive metal

Eyes of the Lord – Misery Feels Like Home (Closed Casket Activities) – hardcore

Geistaz’ Ika – Trolddomssejd i skovens dybe kedel (Signal Rex) – black metal

Guilt Trip – River of Lies (BDHW) – hardcore

Horrid Apparition – Evil Reigns (Redefining Darkness) – black / thrash

Imperium Dekadenz – When We Are Forgotten (Napalm) – black metal 

Inherit the Stars – Two One Three (Independent) – modern metal

Ledge – All I Hope For (Translation Loss Records) – sludge doom

Meatwound – Culero (Financial Ruin / Dead Tank / Pax Aeternum) – hardcore punk 

Múspellzheimr – Hyldest til Troldommens Flamme, Demo Comp. (Lunar Apparitions / Amor Fati) – black metal

Mutilatred – Ingested Filth (Redefining Darkness) – death / slam / grind

Neon Insect – New Moscow Underground (Independent) – industrial

Northern Genocide – Genesis Vol. 666 (Inverse) – industrial metal

Olkoth – The Immortal Depths & Treasures of Necromancy, Comp. (Signal Rex) – black metal

Orm – Ir (Indisciplinarian) – black metal

Pandemonium – Moments of Tragedy (Black Lodge) – black / death

Pharmakon – Devour (Sacred Bones) – industrial 

Polemicist – Zarathustrian Impressions (Fòlkvangr) – black / death

Portrayal of Guilt – Suffering Is A Gift, EP (Closed Casket Activities) – screamo

Sadokist – Necrodual Dimension Funeral Storms (Hells Headbangers) – thrash

Santa Lucia – Perse Palaa – Complete Recorded Works (Svart) – rock

Synteleia – Ending of the Unknown Path (Hells Headbangers) – black metal

Tarja – In the Raw (Independent) – metal

Televisio – TV2 (Ektro) – synth rock

Temple of Dread – Blood Craving Mantras (Testimony) – death metal

Tenebrae In Perpetuum – Anorexia Obscura (Debemur Morti Productions) – black metal

The Fifth Alliance – The Depth of the Darkness (Consouling Sounds) – post-metal

The Glorious Dead – Imperator of the Dessicated, 7” (Eihwaz / Bindrune) – death metal

Tool – Fear Inoculum (RCA) – tool

Visions of Atlantis – Wanderers (Napalm) – symphonic metal

Wage War – Pressure (Fearless) – tech metal

Warcrab – Damned In Endless Night (Transcending Obscurity) – death / sludge

Zeit – Drangsal (Independent) – blackened sludge

– Josh

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