Initial Descent: October 6 – 12, 2019

Mortiferum – photo courtesy of Carter Murdoch

Devils, Witches, Ghouls, Freaks, and Sinners it’s our time. October is the month where the freak flags fly, inhibitions are at their most transparent, and the most wicked, vile imaginations are out in full force. Take a step back and breathe in that crisp fall air whilst knowing that Devil’s Night is drawing nigh. Oh yea, all that and a bag of chips. New metal. We got it. You need it. GO…

Pacific Northwest death/doom dealers Mortiferum axe their way onto the scene with a dank ass debut that reaches into the chest cavity, grabs the beating heart, and eats it slowly, very slowly. Then, neatly cleans up and moves on to the next victim. Next, on yet another debut, Australia’s Carcinoid vomits forth a hellishly tortured landscape of putrid death metal nasty enough to make its own blood drenched horror movie. Moving on, extreme metal scene veterans Sammath return with their sixth full length of blackened death/war metal and it’s a smorgasbord of insanity just waiting for a victim. Last up top is Blut Aus Nord, whom I’m sure you’ve heard that their latest full length of otherworldly progressive black metal was leaked by some two-bit-asshole so they decided to unleash the digital and yes, you already know it rules. But now, the physical edition is upon us and woe be unto the souls that miss out. Just sayin’. Top four down, much more to come. FEAST…

Mortiferum - Disgorged from Psychotic Depths

Mortiferum – Disgorged from Psychotic Depths (Profound Lore) – death / doom

Carcinoid - Metastatic Declination

Carcinoid – Metastatic Declination (Memento Mori) – death metal

Sammath - Across the Rhine is Only Death

Sammath – Across the Rhine is Only Death (Hammerheart) – black / death

Blut Aus Nord - Hallucinogen

Blut Aus Nord – Hallucinogen, Physical Release (Debemur Morti) – black metal

Also on tap:

Acathexis – S/T, CD Reissue (Amor Fati / Entropic) – atmospheric black metal

Aegrus – In Manus Satanas (Saturnal) – black metal

Akhlys – Supplication, Remastered (AnnapurnA) – black metal

Alunah – Violet Hour (Heavy Psych Sounds) – hard rock / doom

Arx Atrata – The Path Untravelled (Independent) – atmospheric black metal

Bats – Alter Nature (Independent) – noise

Blackwater Holylight – Veils of Winter (RidingEasy) – psych metal

Burier – S/T (Goatowarex) – black metal

Cold In Berlin – Rituals of Surrender (New Heavy Sounds) – doom

Crepuscle – Heavenly Skies (Creator-Destructor) – symphonic / melodic death metal

Cycles of the Damned – A Time to Survive (Incineration Ceremony Recordings) – post-metal / doom

Dödfödd – Stigma (AnnapurnA / Clavis Secretorvm) – black metal

Dysangelium – Death Leading (W.T.C. Productions) – black metal

Earthbound – Desolate, EP (Independent) – modern metal

Entrails – Rise of the Reaper (Metal Blade) – death metal

Ethereal Kingdoms – Hollow Mirror (Mighty Music) – symphonic metal

Fateful Finality – Executor (Fastball Music) – thrash

Gideon – Out of Control (Equal Vision) – hardcore

Iron Age – The Sleeping Eye, Reissue (20 Buck Spin) – hardcore

Jade – Smoking Mirror (Pulverised) – death / doom

Jumpscare – Don’t Close Your Eyes (Independent) – melodic death / deathcore

Kadavar – For the Dead Travel Fast (Nuclear Blast) – psych rock

Kelly Carmichael  – Heavy Heart (Dogstreet) – heavy metal 

Life of Agony – The Sound of Scars (Napalm) – crossover

Lindsay Schoolcraft – Martyr (Independent) – symphonic metal

Minus Youth – No Generation (Independent) – hardcore

Nachtterror – Judgement (Hypnotic Dirge) – symphonic black metal

Necroticgorebeast – S/T (Comatose Music) – brutal death

Necrotted – Die For Something Worthwhile (Rising Nemesis) – death metal

Opium Lord – Vore (Sludgelord) – experimental sludge

Orthanc – Carnival (Independent) – power metal

Profanatica – Rotting Incarnation of God (Season of Mist) – black metal

Profetus – The Sadness of Time Passing (Avantgarde Music) – funeral doom

Ramprasad – Tsuris (Anima Recordings) – atmospheric sludge

Resurrect Tomorrow – The Wolf, Remastered (Profane) – metal

Screamer – Highway of Heroes (The Sign) – heavy metal

Shadecrown – Riven (Inverse) – melodic death / doom

Shadow Limb – Burn Scar (Seeing Red) – post-metal

Signs of the Swarm – Vital Deprivation (Unique Leader) – deathcore

Singularity – Place of Chains (The Artisan Era) – symphonic black / tech death

Sorxe – The Ark Burner (Prosthetic) – metal

Stargazer – The Sky Is the Limit (Mighty Music) – hard rock

Stomachal Corrosion – S/T (Greyhaze) – grind

Stormland – Incident Report, EP (Independent) – death metal

The Bleeding – Morbid Prophecy (World War Now) – extreme metal

The Last Reign – Prelude (Independent) – melodic death metal

Thrashfire – Into the Armageddon (Xtreem Music) – thrash

Totengeflüster – The Faceless Divine (Black Lion) – symphonic black metal

Unleash the Archers – Explorers, EP (Napalm) – power metal

Varials – In Darkness (Fearless) – hardcore

Wolf’s Source – Ремиссия духа (Goatowarex) – black metal 

– Josh

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