Album Review: Ashen Horde – “Tintregen” (EP)

Ashen Horde - Tintregen EP

Fantastically furious drumming, delightfully distorted guitars, sinister shrieks and ghastly growls—Ashen Horde exemplify trademarks of both black and death metal without completely conforming to either genre.  This blend gives the band freedom to play with different kinds of sounds to create something unique and enticing.  Ashen Horde’s latest EP, Tintregen, is no exception.

The album opens with a quiet rumbling that quickly builds and introduces guitar riffs with intense drumming.  The energy of the album stays high as rapid rhythms roll like a battering ram throughout the EP.  A smattering of clean vocals is introduced in the last track adding to the variety of vocalization and opening up another dimension to this already complex band. 

Ashen Horde’s discography includes three full length albums, the latest of which having been released earlier this year, and several EPs—all of which are self-released.  The once solo project, then two-piece, and now a three piece as they welcomed drummer Robin Stone on Tintregen to further build on the band’s sound.  Stone will also be featured on Ashen Horde’s fourth studio album which is currently in-progress with a release date yet to be announced.

Ashen Horde

Ashen Horde continues to expand their vision and develop their sound and style.  Tintregen is an exceptional building block to the band’s next full length but it stands beautifully on its own.  Fans of both death metal and black metal, and just fans of metal in general, can get behind this well-crafted EP.


Tintregen available now on Mandol Records.  For more information on Ashen Horde, visit their Facebook page.

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