The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Schammasch was November 2019’s Album of the Month!

Episode 33 of The Nine Circles Audio Thing is for the November Album of the Month pick which is Hearts of No Light by everyone’s favorite avantgarde black metallers Schammasch. The house wasn’t packed but we still had an amazing roundtable about an amazing album. Speaking of just how amazing it is, we featured this thing on our collaborative Top 9 of 2019 if that says anything about how good it is. Head inside to get all the details and hear how the conversation went down.


Hearts of No Light is the fourth full length from Switzerland’s forward thinking black metallers Schammasch and it’s packed with so many different genres, tags, and out-of-this-world jams that at times it seems that black metal is just a footer to hold up their massive sound. Their last album, Triangle, was a three disc epic but here they pack all that into one disc with a tight 67 minute run time making them the champions of fitting ten pounds of goo in a two pound bag. Because of that, opinions varied wildly and the conversation was all over the place.

Zyklonius and Corey had the pick this month but Corey was out tackling life so Zyklonius picked up the torch and ran with it along with Charles and Vincent. There’s talk of Schammasch’s past as well as plenty of commentary wizardry surrounding the genius of Hearts of No Light and how it stacks up to this grandiose discography as well as metal in general.

All that, and of course lots of talk surrounding several other albums that piqued everyone’s interest in November, and, as usual, Charles doesn’t like one of the picks. But, we love him anyway. At just shy of an hour there’s a load of talk and great music mentioned, so jump on in and satiate your desire for podcast companionship. Support your favorite music!

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In the meantime, listen to Schammasch and we’ll see you next month! 

Hearts of No Light is available now via Prosthetic Records.  For more information on Schammasch, visit their official website and Facebook page.

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