Chaos is Me: June 2020

nuvolascura band

I’m pretty horrible at introducing things to be honest.  I never know how to start these columns in a way that gets people’s attention.  So lets try this:

Screamo is punk.  Punk is protest music.  It inherently places itself against the white supremacist capitalist status quo.  If you take issue with this, don’t call yourself a punk.

Black Lives Matter.  Today, yesterday, and forever.

Here’s some music.


Nuvolascura – As We Suffer From Memory and Imagination

nuvolascura as we suffer from memory and imagination

Last time I covered Nuvolascura on this column it was several months in arrears of the release of their self-titled debut.  Granted, that was because I didn’t write the first edition of this column until months after Nuvolascura dropped, but it still feels good to both give timely coverage to a fantastic album and come somewhat full-circle with Chaos is Me.  As We Suffer From Memory and Imagination manages to continue capturing the band’s lightning-in-a-bottle style of breakneck intensity and musical technicality, showcasing an ever-expanding bag of tricks when it comes to fretboard wizardry.  13 songs in 21 minutes doesn’t leave any time for fucking around, and fuck around this album does not, but for all their intensity, Nuvolascura have no trouble hanging back and letting things build and break here either, and it’s one of the reasons why they have long since been a band that wins over a guy who tends to not prefer his music this technical.  The devil is in the details, and the details in these songs show the kind of smart and compelling writing that assures me this won’t be the last time I talk about Nuvolascura on this column either.

Profits from the special edition vinyl version of As We Suffer From Memory & Imagination (of which three copies remain as of the time of this writing), as well as all profits from the sales of t-shirts and digital albums will be donated to “TBD fund(s) assisting demonstrators with legal fees/supplies, as well as to organizations rendering mutual aid and community outreach” on a weekly, as-needed basis, according to Nuvolascura’s bandcamp page.


It Only Ends Once – Lost in My Own Hollow

it only ends once lost in my own hollow

There is a slight chance I might be trying to sneak some more black metal into this column, but if you look honestly at it, so-called ‘DSBM’ and screamo have very many points in common, and the blending of the two styles feels pretty natural.  Case in point, a new album from Houston, Texas’ It Only Ends Once.  lost in my own hollow is the project’s second full-length release (and second release this year), and takes inspiration equally from drawn-out screamo and post-hardcore a la envy as well as depressive black metal acts like Woods of Desolation.  If 20+ minute screamo songs with copious blast beats and heartbreaking melody are your thing, and honestly why WOULDN’T they be, this is mandatory listening.

All profits from the tape version of lost in my own hollow, released by Middle Man Records, will be donated to Black Lives Matter Houston.


Lyed/Vientre – Split

lyed vientre split

It just wouldn’t be a good punk column without covering a split release, and this month I’m featuring a new one from Austin, TX’s Lyed and Cali, Columbia’s Vientre.  Lyed’s two songs demonstrate more in-your-face aggression, replete with panic chords and furious drumming, while Vientre’s single track is a much more restrained affair, with interspersed clean vocals and slow, subsuming atmosphere.  Both bands seem to be pulling influence from opposite sides of the same coin, namely the glory days of the early aughts post-hardcore boom.  Whether it sounds like Thursday or From Autumn to Ashes, there’s a very classic feel to the songs here, not in a way that seems dated, but in a way that reminds me that the music I grew up listening to in my heyday has already come back around to inspire new generations of artists.  It’s pretty vindicating to be honest, and it makes for a terriffic split release.


Vientre – Fronteras

vientre fronteras

I was so enamored with Vientre’s side of the previously discussed split that I wanted to throw in a recommendation for the EP the band released this past April on top of everything else.  If you enjoyed Vientre’s song on their split with Lyed, the songs here showcase a darker and more aggressive tone while maintaining the same atmospheric elements.


Until next time,

– Vincent


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