The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 144 (8.29.2020) — Power Trip Edition

playlist - mixtape

Good morning and welcome to another edition of our weekly mixtape series.  This week, we have an episode dedicated solely to the music of Power Trip.  The Texas thrash band’s vocalist Riley Gale passed away earlier this week, and has left an enormous hole in the extreme metal scene.  Power Trip are an incredible band that made me remember that thrash was good after all, and Riley was a gifted performer and by all accounts a joy to be around.  We at Nine Circles want to send our sincere condolences to Riley’s many friends and family, as well as other Power Trip fans like us grappling with this untimely loss.  Music is what keeps us together in times like this, so celebrate the life of a great human being by digging in to our favorite cuts from his most famous band. There’s several full shows at the tail end of this playlist so we want to thank all of those entities that made these shows available for us to enjoy.

– Vincent

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