Initial Descent: August 30 – September 5, 2020


Not sure how much worse 2020 can get but, tomorrow is coming. So, there’s that. New metal this week kicks off with the bearded savages known as Allfather who have an EP up for grabs with two killer new tracks and some killer live cuts from their past—-this freaking rips so get on it. Cult of Lilith chart some untread progressive death metal waters on their excellent full length debut, supergroup Cobra Spell offer up a blazing EP of sleazy, shredding (think Sunset Strip in the 80s) heavy metal, and progressive metallers Oceans of Slumber return with their fourth full length. Dive in, grab some metal, and buckle up for who knows what the hell is coming next.

Allfather – Century Sessions Volume 1 (Rotting Throne) – metal

(enjoy this stream until Century Sessions is available)

Cult of Lilith - Mara

Cult of Lilith – Mara (Metal Blade) – progressive death [interview]

Cobra Spell - Love Venom

Cobra Spell – Love Venom, EP (Independent) – heavy metal


Oceans of Slumber – S/T (Century Media) – progressive metal

Also on tap:

Across the Swarm – Projections (Time To Kill) – death metal

Airforce – Strike Hard (Pitch Black) – heavy metal 

Amputation – Slaughtered In the Arms of God (Nuclear War Now! Productions) – black / death

Bain de Sang – Sacrificed for a Load of Filth and Lies, EP, Physical (Terrain Vague) – grind / powerviolence

Black Magnet – Hallucination Scene (20 Buck Spin) – industrial metal

Black Sun – Silent Enemy, EP (Rockshots) – metal

Burial Remains – Spawn of Chaos (Raw Skull) – death metal

Cancerfaust – Let the Earth Tremble (Godz Ov War) – death metal 

Comaniac – Holodox (Metalworld) – thrash

Cultum Interitum – Poison of Being (Godz Ov War) – black metal

Dead Lord – Surrender (Independent) – rock

Deafkids & Petbrick – Deafbrick (Neurot Recordings) – metal

Desolator – Sermon of Apathy (Black Lion) – death metal

Dunwich – Tail-Tied Hearts (Caligari) – metal

Eave – Phantoms Made Permanent (Bindrune Recordings) – black metal

En Minor – When the Cold Truth Has Worn It’s Welcome Out (Housecore) – experimental 

Eshtadur – From the Abyss (Blood Blast Distribution) – black metal

Festerdecay / Crash Syndrom – Encyclopedia of Putrefactive Anomalies (Obliteration) – deathgrind

Forêt Endormie – Une voile déchirée (Red Nebula) – black metal

Foretoken – Ruin (Prosthetic) – black / death

Goatcraft / Plutonian Shore – Split (Hessian Firm) – black metal 

Gourd – The Emptied Wastes (Cursed Monk) – experimental

Had – MLP (Me Saco Un Ojo) – death metal

Idiot Robot – S/T (Dead Games) – deathrock

Idolatria – Tetrabestiarchy (Signal Rex) – black metal

Ildskær – Den Rædsomste Nat (Wolfspell) – black metal

Intercepting Pattern – The Encounter (Rising Nemesis) – prog metal

Jesse Draxler – Reigning Cement (Federal Prisoner) – avantgarde

Katavasia – Magnus Venator (Floga) – black metal

Kommando Baphomet – Under the Deathsign (Godz Ov War) – black / death

Magni – S/T (Dead Games) – blackened folk

Nocturn – Like a Seed of Dust (Sliptrick) – melodic death / black

Non Serviam – Le Cœur Bat (Independent) – sludge / industrial

Noumena – Anima (Inverse) – melodic death metal

Oxalate / Perpetuated / Blood Spore / Vivisect – 4-Way Split (Blood Harvest) – death metal 

Persekutor – Permanent Winter (Svart) – heavy metal 

Polymoon – Caterpillars of Creation (Svart) – psych

Regrowth – Lungs (Caligari) – metalcore

Saccage – Khaos Mortem, Reissue (Music-Records) – death / crust

Serpent Omega – II (Icons Creating Evil Art) – doom/sludge

Sprain – As Lost Through Collision (The Flenser) – slowcore

Strange New Dawn – Planet System (Death to Music Productions) – progressive metal

The Glorious Dead – Into Lifeless Shrines (Bindrune Recordings) – death metal

The Hawkins – Silence Is a Bomb (The Sign) – rock

They Called Him Zone – If You’ve Got A Taste for Terror (Independent) – dark rock

Thurisaz – Re-Incentive (Independent) – dark metal

Tom McKay – Hung By the Wings of Fate (Independent) – metal

Tyranno – March of Death (Helldprod) – metal

Unholy Vampyric Slaughter Sect – The World Trapped In Vampyric Sway (Crown and Throne Ltd) – black metal

Vacant Eyes – A Somber Preclusion of Being (Independent) – metal

Vermisst – Zmierzch Stalowej Ciemności (Signal Rex) – black metal

Void Rot – Descending Pillars (Sentient Ruin / Everlasting Spew) – death / doom

Watertank – Silent Running (Atypeek Music) – post-hardcore / noise

Wilczyca – Horda (Godz Ov War) – black metal

Zakk Sabbath – Vertigo (Magnetic Eye) – metal

– Josh

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