Rainbows in the Dark: Aru — “Fighting Hatred”

We got a quick one for you today, folks.  French synthwave veteran and Lazerdiscs newcomer Aru put out a new track called Fighting Hatred that builds on the dark, dreamlike atmosphere and the French Touch style that he has been known for since he started writing synthwave songs at the tender age of fourteen.  His nostalgic brand of upbeat and ethereal pop has been featured on a number of compilations and zines and even on national TV in France.  High accolades, but it’s well deserved and it’s what drew Lazerdiscs to ARU in the first place.

There’s no lyrics in the song, but on Bandcamp there’s a lengthy story that sets the stage for the next three minutes and change.  Aru, in a pretty thinly-veiled analogy to the maddening ideologies and extremism rampant in the world, sees himself pitted against his former friends and family, who are now nothing more than mindless drones who turn on each other and everything in their way, regardless of the consequences.  In Aru’s story, as well as real life, the time to act is now, and “Fighting Hatred” is the anthem raised for action and for taking the fight straight to the threat. 

Starting off funky with a nice beat and a pretty solid groove, “Fighting Hatred” gradually builds into a classic synthwave style that features grand washes and pulsing backdrops over echo-soaked drums carrying the song along.  The touches of melody are particularly light, with lots of delicate organ and airy tones letting the melody only just peak out from behind the foundations.  The song moves in pretty clearly defined sections, with drums and washes dropping out completely to let the melodies build back up into a huge release.  It’s a really groovy track, and while it doesn’t have much else to bring it all together, it’s definitely perfect for a night drive or just chilling out and daydreaming about saving the world.

“Aru is in a dead world and may already be dead, but the evil must not spread. Hatred for not having what once was and is all consuming, it is a drain on the main energy vein. Time to end the decay and fight for a blue sky day.”  Pretty poetry, but it’s also a harsh reminder that this year, this world is turning into a dumpster fire, but it’s not the end.  We don’t have to be resigned to that fate.  We can fight back, whether through political action or groovy synthwave.  Or hell, hopefully both.

– Ian

Fighting Hatred is available now on Lazerdiscs.  For more information on Aru, visit their Facebook page.

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