Tombs’ Mike Hill on new album “Under Sullen Skies,” working with Season of Mist, making music from a fan’s standpoint, refining sound, and so much more!

Tombs are on the eve of releasing their fifth full length Under Sullen Skies which is much like biting the head off a rocket and reveling in the burn of the explosion. No surprise really, the band have been incendiary since their debut Winter Hours and just get better and better with each release. This album however finds them better and more vicious than ever. It’s not a stretch at all that they’ve already been placed high on one specific best of 2020 list and we are certain they’ll be on many more to come. Head below to hear Mike break it all down.

Just ahead of the album’s release, mainman Mike Hill took the time to chat with Buke about Under Sullen Skies and how Savage Gold was somewhat an impetus for it. They also spend some time talking about Mike’s deep love of the extreme side of music and how it’s shaped him over the years as well as some of Mike’s early favorites and how Venom, Celtic Frost, and Norwegian Black Metal shaped Tombs’ sound. Mike also reveals the album that made him pick up a guitar and how Tombs got its start as a band that he would love to hear as a fan. The two chat about the experience of working with Season of Mist and some old Relapse tie ins as well as the Anthrax Club and the Maryland Deathfest experience. All that and an extended discussion on mixed martial arts and combat sports in general. This is an excellent chat so dive in below!

Tombs - Under Sullen Skies

Many thanks to Mike for his time!

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– Buke

Under Sullen Skies will be available November 20 on Season of Mist. To keep up with all things Tombs, visit their official website, Facebook page, Instagram page, Twitter page, and YouTube channel.

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