Initial Descent: December 6 – 12, 2020

Deeds of Flesh
Deeds of Flesh

It’s that time of year where we reflect on our metal choices over the past twelve months to separate the wheat from the chaff. BUT, as this week’s list of new metal will show you, DO NOT finalize any lists until you’ve seen what lies in wait. Or you can be content with your choices, tune out and miss the next two weeks, and then decide you fucked up. Free country and all. Anywho, a band we thought we may never hear from again, DEEDS OF FLESH, return in all their extreme death metal glory with a stunner, Heads for the Dead pump their brand of death metal full of gory fun, Heretical Sect mix black, death, and doom metal to complete success, and Folterkammer puts out a very unique album that showcases black metal as a backdrop with dark vocals and even darker atmospheres at the forefront. So yea, see? Tried to tell you. And, there’s a ton more lingering just below so get in there and do your thing.

Deeds of Flesh – Nucleus (Unique Leader) – death metal

Heads for the Dead – Into the Red (Transcending Obscurity Records) – death metal

Heretical Sect – Rapturous Flesh Consumed (Gilead Media) – blackened death/doom

Folterkammer – Die Lederpredigt (Gilead Media) – black metal 

Also on tap:

Beaten To Death – Laat maar, deel twee: ik verhuis naar Østmarka (Independent) – grind

Boris with Merzbow – 2R0I2P0 (Relapse) – noise

Bròn – Pred Dverima Noci (Nordvis) – atmospheric black metal

Cardinal Wyrm – Devotionals (Independent) – doom

Cerulean Dawn – The Octant Moons (Viridian Flame) – black metal

Cesspool of Corruption – Eradication of the Subservient (Gore House Productions) – death metal

Chalice – Trembling Crown (High Roller) – metal

Cyrax – Experiences (WormHoleDeath) – metal

Dead End Tragedy – Anti Life Anti You (BDHW) – hardcore

Demoniac – So It Goes (Edged Circle) – thrash

Demonstealer – And This Too Shall Pass, EP (Independent) – death metal

Domkraft – Day of Doom Live (Magnetic Eye Records) – doom

Elephant Tree – Day of Doom Live (Magnetic Eye Records) – doom

Engulfed – Vengeance of the Fallen (Me Saco Un Ojo / Dark Descent) – death metal 

Entheogen – Other World (Independent) – prog metal

Floating Black Prism – Under the Weight of an Ominous Presence (Trepanation Recordings) – synth / black

Focal Dystonia – Descending (in)human Flesh (Comatose Music) – brutal death metal

Fortio – World Serpent (Prophecy Productions) – black metal

Fullminator – Omniplasm (Independent) – thrash

Grimgotts – Legends (Independent) – power metal 

Horna – Kuoleman Kirjo (W.T.C. Productions) – black metal 

Horsehunter – Day of Doom Live (Magnetic Eye Records) – doom

Imha Tarikat – Sternenberster (Lupus Lounge) – black metal

Incursion – The Hunter, EP (No Remorse) – heavy metal

Locean – Top Ten Zen Meditations (Artificial Head) – punk / noise

Mortiferum + Hyperdontia – Split 7″ (Carbonized / Me Saco Un Ojo) – death metal

Mud Factory – The Sins of Our Fathers (WormHoleDeath) – metal

Parricide – Fascination of Indifference (Awakening) – death metal 

Perdition Sect – End Times (Seeing Red Records) – d-beat

Puro Odio – Demo 2018 (Sentient Ruin) – black / punk

Satan’s Fall – Final Day (High Roller) – metal

Six Foot Six – End Of All (Scarlet) – heavy metal 

Speedkiller – Midnight Vampire (Edged Circle) – extreme

Steingrab – Malum Genesis (Soundage) – prog

Summoner – Day of Doom Live (Magnetic Eye Records) – doom

The Fallen Prophets – No End In Sight (MMD) – death metal 

The Inferno Doll – Sacrifice, EP (Independent) – dark

The Magik Way – Il Rinato (My Kingdom Music) – occult

Toxikull – Cursed and Punished (Dying Victims Productions) – metal

Vælastrasz – Sunstrider (Pacific Threnodies) – dungeon synth

Verlust – II (Eihwaz Recordings) – black metal 

Vulpecula – Fons Immortalis (Nuclear War Now! Productions) – death / thrash

Wayward Dawn – House of Mirrors, EP (Emanzipation Productions) – death metal

Writhing – Eternalised In Rot, EP (Blood Harvest) – death metal

Yashira – Fail To Be (Good Fight Music) – experimental doom


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