Burial In The Sky on their new album “The Consumed Self,” playing multiple instruments, history of the band, Kenny G, and much more!

Burial In the Sky

Burial In The Sky‘s third full length The Consumed Self is an absolute beast of progressive and technical death metal that easily stands out from the crowd with its clarity, punch, and originality. And, it blasts past their last two albums even though both of those were no slouches. This one is the culmination of all their hard work to date and should, by all accounts, make them household names for any fan of the extreme spectrum of metal. With that said, head inside for an in depth discussion via The Nine Circles Audio Thing.

Just on the heels of the album release, Buke had the chance to chat with James TomediBrad HettingerJorel HartSam Stewart, and Zach Strouse about the new album and the state of their world post-release. They also cover how the pandemic shaped releasing it, what drove the members to the prog-tech spectrum of death metal, how they’ve evolved since forming, using the saxophone and a quick discussion on Kenny G, mechanics of songwriting within the band and lyrical content surrounding a story. Then they move into a history lesson and the importance of networking as well as their chemistry when playing. Unfortunately, we suffered technical difficulties near the end and lost them, but made the best of it in closing. Even with that, this was an excellent chat so dig in and enjoy!

Burial In the Sky - The Consumed Self

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The Consumed Self is available now on Rising Nemesis Records. For more information on Burial In The Sky, visit their Facebook page.

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