Initial Descent: January 9 – 15, 2022


Now that ‘best of’ season is almost behind us (key word: almost. Also, I’m going to miss it.), what’s everyone hoping to get this year from the metal world? While we don’t have a looking glass to see past these first few months, I’m optimistic that 2022 will have some epic releases to offer by the time December rolls around again. Maybe. We’ll see. Anyway, we’re leading off this week’s new metal list with three that could certainly fit the bill of ‘most anticipated’ and we kick those off with another doom stunner from Mizmor, Wiegedood’s darkest and most surprising album to date, and a blackened deathcore body blow from Worm Shepherd. For the second full week of January, this is a hell of a start. PLUS, there’s several more in the list that follows. You know what to do from here.

Mizmor – Wit’s End (Gilead Media) – doom

Wiegedood – There’s Always Blood At the End of the Road (Century Media) – black metal

Worm Shepherd – Ritual Hymns (Unique Leader) – black / deathcore

Also on tap:

Big Scenic Nowhere – The Long Morrow (Heavy Psych Sounds) – rock

Buffalo Revisited – Volcanic Rock Live (Ripple Music) – rock

Chastity – Suffer Summer (Deathwish) – rock

Crawl Below – Its Ministers On Earth (Lawnmowerjetpack Records) – blackened death doom

Descent – Order of Chaos (Redefining Darkness Records (CD) | Brilliant Emperor (Vinyl) | Caligari Records (Cassette) – death metal

Devil In Me – On The Grind (Dead Serious Recordings) – metal

Ecryptus – Kyr’am Beskar (Independent) – star wars death metal

Electromancy – Technopagan (Metal Assault) – tech-black metal

Enterprise Earth – The Chosen (MNRK Heavy) – tech death

Ereb Altor – Vargtimman (Hammerheart) – pagan metal

Fit For An Autopsy – Oh What the Future Holds (Nuclear Blast) – death metal

Furis Ignis – Decapitate the Aging World (Iron Bonehead) – black metal

Ghost In the Machine – Journey to the Otherwise (Sliptrick) – industrial

GoreSkinCoffin – Release My Suffering (Funeral Goat Records) – blackened death / grind

Grieve – Funeral (Werewolf) – black metal

Ilium – Quantum Evolution Event (Independent) – power metal

King Bastard – It Came From The Void (Independent) – psych doom

Maule – S/T (Gates of Hell) – heavy metal

Nullification – Kingdoms to Hovel (Personal) – death metal

Oshiego – Jaljalut (Seven Kings Productions) – death metal

Out Of This World – S/T (Atomic Fire) – rock 

Party Cannon – Volumes of Vomit (Gore House Productions) – slam / brutal death metal 

Pridelands – Light Bends (SharpTone) – metalcore

Slowbleed – A Blazing Sun, The Fiery Dawn (Creator-Destructor Records) – hardcore

Space Coke – Lunacy (Forbidden Place) – psych

Tony Martin – Thorns (Battlegod Productions) – heavy metal

Turkey Vulture – Twist the Knife (Independent) – punk / metal

Tyhjä – Valtakunta, Tape & CD Issue (Humanity’s Plague Productions) – metal

Various Artists – Dominance and Submission: A Tribute to Blue Öyster Cult (Ripple Music) – rock

Verbum – Exhortation to the Impure (Iron Bonehead) – death / doom

Wolfbastard – Hammer the Bastards (Clobber) – black / punk

XCIII – Void (My Kingdom Music) – post-rock

RIP Baxter. No questions, just tip one back for the furry dude and his owners. Rip the pearly gates open and own that joint.


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