The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 231 (5.14.2022)

Words are useless, but here’s the gist: Trevor Strnad lived and breathed metal in a way we can only dream of. Even if he wasn’t the frontperson for The Black Dahlia Murder, a band whose consistency and commitment to crafting some of the best death metal to infect your brain are unparalleled…even if his vocal timbre wasn’t unique in the field, and his lyrics a masterclass in how to craft a metal narrative…even if none of that was true (and it was, folks…it was) few people who had a mouthpiece in the scene used it as passionately and effectively as Strnad did to champion bands, to champion metal, to champion the cause for what this music means to so many people. His death is a tragedy we haven’t come to terms with yet. It hammers home how hard it can be to see the pain in others, and how fucking essential it is that we reach to see, to know, to embrace each other to keep the darkness from consuming more vital flames.

Capping off the playlist this week we’ve included Symposium of Sickness #2 featuring Trevor alongside Schuler (DeathMetalRadio) and Crypticus who discuss Vader among other things death metal related.

Get listening. Stay safe. See you next week.


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